Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week 146 Wrap Up

The generation gap is a prevalent problem in today's society.  Ponies of the first generation are extremely different from those in the third and fourth.  And many refuse to even acknowledge the second.  The rapid cultural changes over the years have surely contributed to some of these generational differences as well.  Researchers have tried to find ways to bridge the so called gap so that ponies of all generations can work together in... well. 'Harmony.' but some still resist that there's any relation between them.

These ponies today with their high tech animation rigs in flash and their fancy schmancy followings.  They don't know for difficult.  Back in my day, ponies had to walk up hill both ways to get to Midnight Castle.  Nightmare Moon?  Bah, Tirek was thrice the villain she was.  Non-redeemable and filled with darkness, he'd turn a pony into a shadow creature just for looking at him funny.

Of course these G4 kids, eh, they have good heads on their shoulders.  They just need to remember their elders sometimes.  I bet Firefly could teach Rainbow Dash a trick or two.  Of course, our Twilight and Spike were quite a bit different back then.  None of this Sparkle stuff.  Applejack... well she didn't have her hat, I guess.

But oh look at the time!  It's a bit late for me, and you're probably wondering what all this old-timey talk is about.  Well, maybe not.  You've been looking back and taking a lesson from the past this week, and hopefully learned a thing or two from your elders.  Let's take a look at what the bounty of age and experience have granted:

01. neme567

To some it would com as a surprise, to know these two were once the same size. - fetchbeef

02. Cobralash

03. ScuriLevenstein

With this pony don't disagree, otherwise you'll be beaten in 3d! - fetchbeer

04. hip-indeed

05. Catseye-View

Be wary of what you wish, or through the sky you may swish. - fetchbeer

06. Banaizen

07. dredaich

The large head and blocky nose, this ponies vintage shows. - fetchbeer

08. Philith

09. AmbroseButtercrust

One wonders where she got those fancy marks, and how she handles the remarks. - fetchbeer

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