Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 195 Wrap Up

One, two, one, two, work those pecs! We've put on a fair bit of weight from all that food we've eaten over the past few weeks, and it's time to work it off! So drop and give me twenty!

Wait, sorry about that. I shouldn't be yelling at ponies like that; I'm a gym instructor, not a drill sergeant! I'm not a doctor either, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, we're here to work out, so let's get to it! Work that body, work that body, make sure you don't hurt nobody! Hmm... aren't those song lyrics or something?

Well, no matter. Everypony's doing whichever exercise they prefer, whether that be lifting weights, jumping rope, using a treadmill, or what have you. Just take a look around the gym and see for yourself. Perhaps you'll find the form of exercise that would work best for you.

And don't forget to breathe! You'd be surprised how often ponies actually forget to do that.

Gallery for Week 168

01. Speedy526745

It's hard to jump with someone on your back, especially if there's a rope you have to track. - fetchbeer

02. Paradoxical
This is actually very much like Octy and DJ PON3's roles in the show. Dj PON3 gets more views, but not enough for fans and Octy gets just enough of a line to make her fans drool for more.

Some take sayings far too literal, but if she caries through her condition will be critical. - fetchbeer

03. Cobralash

There's only so much exercise you get in a mall, though bags get heavy enough to make you crawl. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

Yet again she breaks the 4th wall, though the reason she does not recall. - fetchbeer

05. nunitko

This must be the strongest butterfly, for the laws of physics it can defy. - fetchbeer

06. BrandyKiss
MLP-ATG-Alumni Week 195 Theme: A Pony exercising / Working out Rarity exercising with style~ Yes, that's a crossover of Hang Up by Madonna. I think it would suit her ^^ I wanted to make it look better, I really did. But then I just lost all my motivation, and... it is what it is. Sorry

One must look glamorous no matter what they do, otherwise you might as well be in a zoo. - fetchbeer

07. Dredaich

With saddle bags full of lead, I see back pains soon ahead. - fetchbeer

08. BrandyKiss

Too much exercising makes you sore and you end up laying on the floor. - fetchbeer

09. Vaser888

Exercise your brain as well as body, just try not to think to gaudy. - fetchbeer

10. HalflingPony
Punishing Pegasus Pullups (WIP)

11. A Brony Account

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week 194 Wrap Up

If you go down to the 'free today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down... to...

No, wait... that was last week.


At any rate, it is time once again for a Blogger entry to be written. And it's also time for dessert! Wait, it is? I don't remember getting dinner... did we miss it?

Well, we can worry about that later. Right now, we've got all sorts of sugary snacks to check out. Muffins and ice cream and cookies, oh my! Just don't overdue it; we all know how the Ponyville dentist gets when she sees ponies eating too much sugar. But nonetheless, time to check out the options for dessert:

Oh, and don't forget the cake! You know you're hungry for it!

Gallery for Week 167

01. Speedy526745

Some ponies make a mockery of self serve, though they'll soon get the headache they deserve. - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash

It's rather hard to eat your food, while someone else tries to intrude. - fetchbeer

03. Silverwisp

To your diet you should adhere, at least while your sister comments on your rear. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

The refrigerator's bounty can hypnotize, but all it's goodies go to your thighs. - fetchbeer

05. nunitko

There are worse things that could happen in such a bowl, at least your not a casserole. - fetchbeer

06. RemnantViscera
Insert comment here.

Who has made this desserted snare, and to even do this who would dare. - fetchbeer

07. AaronMk

Would you share your meal with death, or do you think he'd take your breath. - fetchbeer

08. Vaser888

In the land of giant pies, no dessert is pint sized. - fetchbeer

09. HalflingPony
Skipping Breakfast

10. A Brony Account

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Week 193 Wrap Up

If you go down to the 'free today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the 'free today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every mare that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the pony mares have their picnic.

Um, and the stallions too, of course. *cough*

But at any rate, picnics are a lovely thing. A chance to have a nice simple meal with one's friends and family, without the hassle of who pays what that one may face at a restaurant when the bill arrives. Of course, picnics have their own potential hassles, such as sudden rainstorms or inquisitive ants. But we're not here to dwell on negativity, so let's focus on the positives, shall we? Things like the aforementioned chance to spend time with those we care about. Or the ability to watch the clouds passing overhead, or to stargaze for those who intend to picnic later in the day.

Hmm. All this talk of picnics is making me hungry, so I think I'll bring up this week's submissions for you all to gaze at while I go get something for lunch.

Gallery for Week 166

01. Speedy526745
This took longer to come up than it should have.

That's an interesting place to have a picnic, though balancing may be a trick. - fetchbeer

02. nunitko

That bunny is never content with normal food, for fancy fare he's in the mood. - fetchbeer

03. Cobralash

Barbeque must be quite a thrill, when you use a dragon as a grill. - fetchbeer

04. HalflingPony
Really, Must You Encourage Them?

Some just can't resist these little ants, and feel the urge to feed them plants. - fetchbeer

05. Vaser888

When making a nice and easy meal, a sandwich is indeed ideal. - fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

I'm pretty sure that sandwiches aren't made with sand, they'd end up gritty and quite bland. - fetchbeer

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 192 Wrap Up

Good morning, good morning
We've danced the whole night through
Good morning good morning to you!

I said, "Good morning, see the sun is shining"
Good morning, hear the birdies sing
It's great to stay up late
Good morning, good morning to you!

Ah, good morning! To some, the best part of greeting the day. To others, it's a delicious breakfast. Or perhaps, maybe the best part is simply going back to bed? It seems there's a number of ponies who weren't all that excited about their morning routine. Some just got some cereal and struggled to keep their eyes open. And some decided to throw it all out the window and just go back to bed.

And so different strokes for different folks, we all approach our mornings differently. But whichever way you approached your morning, take a look below at the array of routines. And next time you wake up, I say "A very good morning to you!"

01. Speedy526745
We've all been there before...

Some days you just can't get out of bed, but who'd rather be up instead. - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash

Breakfast always is better when it's shared, though the kitchen may not be spared. - fetchbeer

03. Paradoxical

Beware of knives and forks in dreams, for others might hear your screams. - fetchbeer

05. ScuriLevenstein

Breakfast in bed may cause a mess, but there's no better way to show excess. - fetchbeer

06. AaronMk

Mornings are the hardest part of any day, but starting right will help you not to stray. - fetchbeer

07. RemnantViscera
Blarg. I'm back! And in colour! Also digital.

Some mornings you just feel like a ghost, at least until you've had your toast. - fetchbeer

08. HalflingPony
Rough Morning

If you stay up way too late, your morning studies will not be great. - fetchbeer

09. Philith

10. A Brony Account

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Week 191 Wrap Up

Hmm... 'Fluff'.

You know? Invidlord's right, that is kind of a funny word.

At any rate, let's get to the main event, shall we? Or perhaps I should call it the 'mane' event. This week has been all about the mane, after all. Nice, big, fluffy manes being restyled like there's no tomorrow! Though in some cases, the mane ended up a fair bit less fluffy than before. It's a good thing that we've also got some ponies here that are just fluffy in general to help balance things out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm afraid that I've got some cleaning to do. Somepony evidently attempted a 'peanut butter and fluff' joke, and I have to take care of the resulting mess...

Gallery for Week 164

01. Harric Mills
For Week 191: So, as far as fluffy goes, some ponies may be more fluffy then others...but as this is more fluffy then my usual work would be, I'm hoping it would be considered :P Thanks!

That's quite a grin with so much fluff, I guess she enjoys growing scruff. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745

It's always nice to change your mane, just don't choose a style that's a pain - fetchbeer

03. Paradoxical
Fwuffy Mac!

Whoever did this will soon pay, unless they had the foresight to run away. - fetchbeer

04. Vaser888

How does this pony have so much fluff? Keeping it looking good must be tough. - fetchbeer

05. Cobralash

A short mane may get some flack, but time will bring all that hair back. - fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

A mane can attract some odd attention, and everypony loves an adoring mention. - fetchbeer

07. Philith

Beware of things that harbor an electric charge, for it often causes hair to enlarge. - fetchbeer

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Week 190 Wrap Up

I got it! Can you believe it? I got my big break! I've finally managed to get into the Merchant's Guild, and thus have fulfilled my dream of becoming a street merchant! And look at this: A merchant's stall filled with all manner of ju... err, rare priceless treasures! Why, just take a look at this exquisite crystal chalice. Made from the finest Northern Crystal, it's scintillating, luminous, and guaranteed never to break! *kish*

Well, what do you know. It broke. Hmm, perhaps that guy who makes those chicken mosaics would be interested in these shards...

Oh, right. You're still here, my lovely customer-to-be! And we can't ignore the customer, now can we? Perhaps we can find something else here that would intrigue you... *shuffles through his wares*

Ah, now here's something of true value: an art book! And not just any art book, mind you, but one focused on those who, much like myself, have had their big break. But don't just take my word for it, feel free to take a look for yourself:

Gallery for Week 163

01. Speedy526745

A volcanic sauna to relax, although the safety is a little lax. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

what has this pony come to stalk?Or is she looking for a new rock? - fetchbeer

03. Vaser888

Looking down so far from the moon, the height alone could make you swoon. - fetchbeer

04. Philith
I could have gone meta and drawn almost anything what with taking a big break from drawing and all; but I didn't.

What horror it is to end up with hands, lets hope she didn't have any hoofed plans. - fetchbeer

05. A Brony Account

Never do things because they're cool, or you'll end up just a fool. - fetchbeer

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Week 189 Wrap Up

Some ponies say that money is the root of all evil. Others say the root of all evil is an actual physical manifestation of Evil that possesses ponies who have fallen from grace, but that's besides the point. Bits, gold, gems, and more; wealth can take many forms. And maybe even more than physical wealth.

Dragons wallow in massive hoards of wealth, known to the ounce. Ponies don't really have a need for piles of bits and coins. They'd be awfully uncomfortable to lay on, I'd imagine. Not to mention hard to walk through. And gems are pretty pointy, you wouldn't want one poking into hoof. So, maybe a hoarding pony is a little out of the question. Unless they're hoarding something like sweaters, or kittens.  Actually... that'd be adorable.

This week we have many ponies who have, for better or worse, struck it rich. Giant gems and rich geodes, greedy sneaks and pictures of love to show what true wealth really is. So take a moment to find your center, look not with greed or jealousy, lest a terrible Dragon Sickness take you, and sneak a peek at riches beyond imagining in this week's gallery.

Gallery for Week 162

01. Paradoxical
The memes have been doubled!

One wonders what that glow is from, of what else is soon to come. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745
Not sure how she managed to pull this one off...

Where do you find such big gems? The certainly don't grow on a plants stems. - fetchbeer

03. Allonso Bronyguy
A pony striking it rich When I saw the prompt, the first thing I thought of was someone becoming a new parent. Then I thought of Twilight, the character whose days of beginning motherhood would be the most stressful. Having a baby throws everything orderly about life right out the window. Twilight, with her OCD, perfectionism and tendency to panic attacks would be blindsided by motherhood. I can see her as the mom that has read every book there is on every child-rearing subject. If any of you watched the TV show House, I think it would be like when Cuddy is first getting used to her adopted daughter and pulls a used diaper out of her purse when the child services guy drops by for a visit. But then, in one of the rare quiet moments, when she feels the warmth of her daughter against her and watches her chest rise and fall as she sleeps, Twilight will realize that all the chaos, all the sleepless nights, all the diapers and imperfectness her life has fallen to is worth it; because this little person is the most beautiful, most precious, perfect thing in the world.

What precious magic a child is, though this pony may prefer a quiz. - fetchbeer

04. Cobralash

About time this pony had some luck, instead of having things just run amok! - fetchbeer

05. ScuriLevenstein

Some ponies go crazy for a little snack, but usually they don't attack. - fetchbeer

06. Vaser888

How do these things get quite so big? And to get this you may need a bigger twig. - fetchbeer

07. RemnantViscera
Because real life is way easier than being original.

Always be aware of what you are being roped in to, or you may end up with too much work to do. - fetchbeer

08. A Brony Account