Sunday, 26 August 2012

Week 61 Wrap Up

You know, I never know what to write about over here.  The thing is, I always do the dA journal post first, and I'm wondering if I don't spend all my mojo over there.  So then, when I get over here, I've got nothing.  Maybe I should switch the order I do them in, next week?

But then I think that even without my ramblings, there's so much more content over here!  I could leave this header completely blank, and there would still be more to look at than is present in a usual dA post.  What do you all think?  Switch it up?  Stay the same?

Anyway!  Got quite the fine collection of ponyfolk here, discovering all manner of things!  Places, knowledge, power - and maybe things about themselves?

Well, in any event - you all are awesome for continuing to get this stuff in despite the NATG, school starting back up, and all the various goings-on that beleaguer real life.  Give yourselves a hoof, everypony, because what you do is awesome!  Let's take a look, shall we?

01. TheXeroStorm

02. ganonlink

It's a good thing you discovered how to do that, soldier!  It's an important skill! -Lunar

03. Scyphi

05. SamuelEAllen

Wait, what's a moose doing h-  Wait, where'd you go!?  -Lunar

06. Runbow Dash

Hey, it's Tom's handsomer older brother! -Lunar

07. Scutaloo

08. PseudoSharp

Shackleton!Dash looks fantastic! :D -Lunar

09. 11meister

Very detailed!  Your stuff always astonishes me! -Lunar

10. GoggleSparks

Man, I don't think I'd have eaten that muffin D: -Lunar

11. hip-indeed

12. Glaive-Silver

I too slept through many classes, but it matters not if one still passes. - fetchbeer

13. Prismatic Pretzel

Excellent work "discovering" that trap, Twi! -Lunar

14. demented-Mr-Paulsen

15. Muffinsforever

Welcome back!  It's good to have you with us again! -Lunar

16. ZakSaturday2468

17. MingoZK

I think this pony wins the award for "most distant explorer" this week! -Lunar

18. ichiyama22

19. Hazzdawg

The robot's attachments do confuse, I think it's gender it can choose. - fetchbeer

20. catititax

21. fiendaffliction

22. RandomRainbeam

23. DJC631

24. StephenMannix

25. Pun-Pun1

Scootaloo just loves her doll, though surely it hold her in it's thrall. ~fetchbeer

26. BrokenHero

The majorest! -Lunar

27. youngestbrony

Keep trying, Vinyl!  You'll get it! -Lunar

28. AmbroseButtercrust

I just hope Pinkie isn't piloting that boat... -Lunar

31. Jeff Martinez

This made me chuckle.  Excellently done! -Lunar

32. Jezendar


33. ZeldaTheSwordsman

34. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

35. Franzier

36. Delta-Pangaea

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Week 60 Wrap Up

A pony being a pony.  Yeah, it was a little silly!  And maybe a little too open-ended; it seems like folks had trouble coming up with things for it.  Or was it just that the NATG was sapping everypony enough that they weren't able to get around to it?  Or some of both, perhaps?

Well, no matter!  It's awesome that, despite the hectic drawing schedule, school starting up again (oh celestia, why D:), the almost directionless theme, and things just generally being busy, some of you still found the time to do something - and do it well :)  Let's have a look, shall we?

(Also, those of you that did an MLP pony acting like a regular pony?  So awesome :D)


Twilight looks so innocent just eating grass, fancy foods it's flavor don't surpass. ~fetchbeer

02. smega39

03. Legeden

She looks so shocked! -Lunar

04. SamuelEAllen

This made me laugh quite hard :) -Lunar

05. Mortris

They are taking the ponies to Isengard, and later to Mordor a land so scarred. ~fetchbeer

06. Runbow Dash

07. Hazzdawg

08. Jdan-S

There is no thing i find more exemplary, than ponies and their treachery. ~fetchbeer

09. demented-Mr-Paulsen

Sappin' mah sentries! -Lunar

10. GoggleSparks

11. phallen1

These pony toys still confound, how long till new molds do abound? ~fetchbeer

12. The Laughing Horror

Insidious! -Lunar

13. dmtactical

14. ZeldaTheSwordsman

15. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Pinkie is good for using hooves, I can't even pull off those crazy moves. ~fetchbeer

16. hip-indeed

I see what you did there, and I approve. -Lunar

17. Fetchbeer

18. Prismatic Pretzel

19. Delta Pangaea

Nothing keeps this pony from doing what they want, though such an attitude they should not flaunt. ~fetchbeer

20. JimTheCactus

21. Invidlord

22. JunaE_CBS

Sometimes ponies just need their sleep, and to let sheep those fences leap. ~fetchbeer

23. ganonlink

I've been in the Photoshop-crashing boat before, and that's no fun :(  I'm glad you submitted it anyway! -Lunar

24. Jeff Martinez

This is just sublime. -Lunar