Sunday, 29 June 2014

Week 157 Wrap Up

Alright, class, find your seats... no Pinkie, not that seat.  Today we shall learn all about the wonderful device known as a chair!  Oh, you've got a question, Pinkie?


Yes, Pinkie, I promise that it will be more fun than watching paint dry.  Sigh.

Chairs have been used throughout Equestria history to provide convenient seating for ponies of all shapes and sizes.  From the great throne of Princess Celestia, to the bell-covered recliner of Star-Swirled the Bearded, to the simple stools of the local watering hole, all ponies find comfort in the sturdiness of chairs.

And now, please turn your attention to these visual aids, not only for demonstrations of ponies sitting in chairs, but also of a few other ways that ponies can sit:

01. Molecular-Structure
Done in a flash of inspiration!

What does this pony wonder as he sits? Probably not whether ponies can do the splits. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

03. CelestialLilo

Well that's one way to make a bit or two, though she probably just uses glue. - fetchbeer

04. Sunnybrook1
My Ponysona foal-sitting my baby nephew (also ponified). Sorry it's so late! ^^;

05. AaronMk

So many pointy edges on this seat, she may prefer one of concrete. - fetchbeer

06. dredaich

07. HalflingPony
Foal Sitting

They'd surely get in less trouble as a chair, though those cushions have a nasty glare. - fetchbeer

08. Abyssal Emissary

09. Abyssal Emissary
Better? ^.^

Since when are words bound by gravity, does Twilight not have a limit to her magical depravity? - fetchbeer

10. Silverwisp

11. Goggle Sparks

Who was this pony supposed to meet? Hopefully they'll soon show up for their treat! - fetchbeer

12. Philith

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Week 156 Wrap Up

Alive without breath,
As cold as death;
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail never clinking.

 Ahhh, raw, wiggling, slippery little fishes... no wait... I mean ponies.  Hmm... Suddenly those modifiers seem less appropriate. And yet, the proper words to use elude me... they're evasive, and when I reach out to grasp at them, they just slip away out of my reach!  Curses!

But be they as slippery as an eel, or as elusive as Robert Denby, these ponies may be hard to nail down, but once you've found them, they're dependable and steadfast.  No matter how dirty these ponies may get, you can count on them to clean up their act and move ahead. Sleek and slick, or muddy and messy, ponies of all kinds slid into place in this week's theme.

So, let's take a look at our tricky catches and see what this weeks slimy and squeaky-clean ponies present:

01. Anabiyeni

The seaponies do more than sing, while to slimy seaweed they do cling. - fetchbeer

02. Para-Keet-Normal

03. Molecular-Structure

Her interest in sliding never waxes or wanes, but do do it best she needs the flattest planes. - fetchbeer

04. BluestreakFUS
It's NOT meant to be suggestive or sexy, anything related to that is a mistake from my part ._.

05. Scyphi

They seem to have tracked in a lot of mud, and I hope tis doesn't end in blood. - fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback is requested and greatly appreciated!

This pony must spend much time fixing up his mane, all in an effort to not seem plain. - fetchbeer

08. A Brony Account

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 155 Wrap Up

Well, despite timeline shenanigans, I think it's pretty obvious that we don't intend on stopping this train anytime soon. It keeps on rolling down the track well past the point of common sense! Madness, I tell you! Madness!

Would ponies ever say 'keep on truckin'? I don't know... they have carts and wagons. Nothing I could properly qualify as a truck. Well, I was going to make a whole bunch of jokes about the 70's here, but it feels wasted now. So instead, I'm going to continue down this line of thought.  Why? Because I refuse to stop!  I'm no quitter!

These ponies aren't quitters either. They stand up in the face of adversity, and breath determination. They fend off all who challenge them with the frantic flailing of the stick of tenacity!  They probably bite too! That's rude. Actually, I'm fairly sure these ponies don't bite. Fairly sure. All I can recommend is you observe for yourself, the strength of ponies who can not stop, and will not be stopped:

Gallery for Week 128

01. Molecular-Structure

Deadlines come and deadlines go, just hope that by that time you have work to show. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop this mare, she even braves a monster's stare. - fetchbeer

03. Catseye-View

Fabric and thread flies through the air, soon to be assembled with great care. - fetchbeer

04. Philith

This poor pony was pulled over, probably while prancing through the clover. - fetchbeer

05. A Brony Account
pinkie please stop pinkie stop stop pinkie pinkie pinkie please stop pinkie pinkie quit it please pinkie

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Week 154 Wrap Up

Fakes! Everypony is hiding something, from the terrible truth of fake eyelashes, to the sinister secrets of Changelings in disguise! Imagine going to some kind of big gathering, but everypony was dressed up in some kind of false costume, a mask over their face, and you'd never really know who they were or what they were hiding!  Oh wait, no, I'm just describing an anime convention.  Everypony is just in cosplay!  Fun!

Okay, so maybe 'faking' can be fun too, not all mysteries and conspiracies!  And Piracy!  Why Piracy?  Because you can't spell Conspiracy without it!  And I used up all my a-list material in the first paragraph.  Yes, that's right, I'm sorry to say that I am merely faking this Wrap Up article.

Of course, none of these artists are faking it.  But they've show us a few different sides to ponies we thought we knew!  Ha!  Turns out, it was always just Fluttershy in that Fluttershy suit.  Of course, it was Pinkie Pie in that Fluttershy suit in that Fluttershy suit.  Honestly, its Pinkie Pie's all the way down.  Observe for yourself:

01. ScuriLevenstein

Oh... whmm... Pretty sure this is legit.  Three ponies, definitely NOT a dragon. -Invidlord

02. Molecular-Structure

Sometimes, a dramatic reveal loses its pizzazz when you don't have anything to actually reveal -Invidlord

03. Catseye-View

Fluttershy is terrified because she devoured Pinkie Pie. Also, that hemline is atrocious -Invidlord

04. HalflingPony
"You should see the look on your face!"

Always best to look before you prank, else your delivery might end up a bit... wooden -Invidlord

05. A Brony Account

Well, that's it. We give in! You called our bluff, A Brony Account, and we surrender. -Invidlord

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 153 Wrap Up

Light the corners of my mind.
Misty water-colored memories,
of the way we were...

Memories are powerful things. They can conjure up moments of great happiness... and of great sadness. Those who remember the past can learn from it, and can apply the lessons of history to pave a better future. Many a great structure was borne up in honor of a memory.  They are amazing things that can be cherished and held dear, or forgotten at your peril.

Sometimes, you just get caught up in the memories.  It happens to us all.  Days long past, friends long gone. It can be hard sometimes, but it's not all bad. The memories stay with us. The days go by, but we try to find some way to immortalize the memories.  In song, in words, and indeed, in pictures:

01. Anabiyeni

Flowers for those who we miss dearly, that we bring on the same day yearly. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

This pony is in everything I think, though his acting seems to stink. - fetchbeer

03. HalflingPony
General Firefly

A pony cast in a golden build, in honor of all the times they thrilled. - fetchbeer

04. ABronyAccount