Sunday, 31 July 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 5

And that, everypony, is that! And here to help us wrap up the week; the incomparable Fetchbeer has written us a lovely poem!


This week we saw a dictator fall,
But of excitement that was not all.
We've also had some pony shockings,
And several of them were wearing stockings.

We have advanced the edge of pony science,
By studying this static in defiance.
Despite the iron hoof we slaved under,
And many mistakes into which we did blunder.

Today we finally have an answer,
To are we pony or are we dancer?
I think someponies been having fun,
And my que cards they have redone.

But we are free gain to laugh and draw,
And of you all I am in awe.
Despite the constant mood of evil gloom,
Art you all did still make bloom.

But from the topic I do wander,
And your precious time I squander.
So please peruse all these pony surprises,
And help with fires, if the need arises.

If to our group you don't belong,
Join here for friends lifelong.
I promise you'll have no regrets,
For Lunar is no longer making threats.

1 FoxOfWar (Parasprites these two despise, from where did those tiny pests arise? - Fetchbeer)

2 Hacchicat

3 steelflex27 (... *shivers* -LSB)

4 RydelFox (Oh Pinkie, that prankster - Atlur)

5 LyxanderThePony

6 DarkKnightWolf2011

7 sawsta (Young ponies should probably wear goggles when practicing magic, like science lab - Atlur)

8 FoxOFWar

9 Invidlord (I never thought I would have heard, of Fluttershy being frightened by a bird. - Fetchbeer)

10 Sir-Dangereaux

11 TheCrackerBrony

12 DarkKnightWolf2011 (So much mischief with socks and static, in that cage Dash must be frantic! - Fetchbeer)

13 DarkKnightWolf2011

14 otherunicorn

15 aoshistark (Not even Applejack stands firm, when in her food there is a worm. - Fetchbeer)

16 SamuelEAllen (I've met people like this, and it definitely causes you to have a double-take - Atlur)

17 HatesHats

18 paulinaghost (A tiny gator lurks in the leaves, of apples he is one of many thieves. - Fetchbeer.)

19 brongaar

20 NikkuWalkanov (I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often - Atlur)

21 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

22 Alipes (I approve of this grown Scootaloo! -LSB)

23 Argembarger (Only watch this if you really are prepared for it. I'm dead-serious! -LSB)
Please be advised, this is a JOKE warning. Other warnings on this page are actually in place for a reason.

24 candysnow-09

25 hgraves (What could Fluttershy possibly have to say, that could make Twilight look that way? - Fetchbeer)

26 DarkKnightWolf2011

27 DarkKnightWolf2011

28 candysnow-09

29 DI-FL (Holy wow, that is creepy! DX -LSB

30 RaspleZS

31 UltraFamicom (Awesome pun, and great expression on RD - Atlur)

32 DarkKnightWolf2011

33 LittleMonster125

34 kirbycolours (*turns around* Watashi wa LSB desu! -LSB)

35 hayhedgehoghay (You drew a shocked Pony and caused many shocked Ponies... -LSB)

36 candysnow-09

37 AQNichols

38 necrodios (A clever pun AND an exciting picture - Atlur)

39 TerribleTransit

40 hip-indeed

41 Chromadancer (All the stallions will surely be staring, when on stage she's stockings wearing. - Fetchbeer)

42 toonboy92484

43 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (You don't believe, how happy this picture made me. Ask Fetchbeer! (I'm a muffin, yay! :D) -LSB)

44 AmbroseButtercrust (Next week's theme: Draw a Pony watching a video. -LSB)

45 MoonlightScribe

46 MoonlightScribe

47 capcappucca222 (What would happen if she fell, those boxes don't seem to stack to well. - Fetchbeer)

48 Atlur

49 Wolferahm

50 demented-Mr-Paulsen

51 Easteu (Edvard Munch would be in ecstasy, over this screaming pony parody. - Fetchbeer)

52 larrle (Carpet charges can be vicious, especially when a pranks ambitious. - Fetchbeer)

53 Nullh (I am deeply sorry, Null... -LSB)

54 Philith

55 candysnow-09

56 yiKOmega (Are you sure Applejack and Applebloom don't really hate each other? -LSB)

57 Google Sparks (... x_x -LSB)

58 PineappleSam

59 PineappleSam

60 Saffielia

61 bluefiresword (From Derpy you must protect your paint, that pegasus has no restraint. - Fetchbeer)

62 Fetchbeer (I am not good enough at writing comments to write a comment that makes this picture make any sense, but it is amazing and I enjoyed watching it come together and possibly helping to corrupt it -Argembarger)

63 Moabite

64 kitsuneymg (Little Scoots does seem to have a magnetic attraction, to Dash she is a shocking distraction. - Fetchbeer)

65 bananizen

66 Invidlord

67 Prismatic-Pretzel

68 TheWormOuroboros (The Good, The Bad, and the Pinkie -Argembarger)

69 DespisedAndBeloved

70 Naytree

71 Fox-E

72 Chill-penguin

73 LeafGrowth


75 Fatum--Inanis

76 Lunar Apologist

77 Argembarger

78 MuffinsForever (Oh... oh my. -Lunar Apologist)

79 Jeff Martinez

80 Delta-Pangaea

81 Tecknojock

82 TheRecliner27

83 VirgaRainboom
WARNING: Extremely mature content. This warning is NOT a joke.