Monday, 26 December 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 26

Hay, everypony! I hope you all had a great time over the holidays - I know I did! And, because of that, we're a bit behind in posting this. Sorry about that!

And I see you all compensated for our idleness by turning out the images - a whopping 81 entries! That's awesome, everypony! It's amazing to see you participating :)

And now, on to the images!

1 ichiyama22 (Forward! -Lunar)

2 Scyphi (Scoots is perfect, here ;) -Lunar)

3 JimTheCactus (! -Lunar)

4 Wolferahm (Adorable :) -Lunar)

5 nitron100

6 SkyheartArrow

7 RydelFox (Silly Magneighto! -Lunar)

8 FerrousOxideMolecule (I did this with laundry baskets, actually! -Lunar)

9 Smava-Heartsong (Aw, chin up, Applebloom! -Lunar)

10 mesaluvscookies (Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! - Atlur)

11 Philith (The very top. -Lunar)

12 Samuel E Allen

13 Cynos-Zilla (This reminds me of when cats will dive face-first into a box. So silly - Atlur)

14 Otterlore (Keep trying, Scoots... -Lunar)

15 demented-Mr-Paulsen (I figured someone would make this reference, but I didn't expect it to be so classy. Well done, sir - Atlur)

16 hip-indeed (Loving the expression, here! -Lunar)

17 Jaguarwarrior

18 Smava-Heartsong

19 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

20 Fox-E (Trixingno toaster is best pony? - Atlur)

21 rachelhi

22 dtcx97 (D'awwww... -Lunar)

23 supernatural90 (Where can I order this box? -Lunar)

24 JackiePhantom13

25 GonzaHerMeg (It's too bad he can't really appreciate this because of his condition -Lunar)

26 Philith (Gah! -Lunar)

27 Errick (Insert flange QWX-1-9 into socket 87-HB-3 and rotate 32 degrees... -Lunar)

28 ponylover778 (Careful how you react, Dashie. It says right there that she's fragile, you wouldn't want to hurt her feelings - Atlur)

29 Goggle Sparks

30 DarkKnightWolf2011

31 DarkKnightWolf2011 (I see what you did there! -Lunar)

32 tenchisamoshi (She's just so happy! -Lunar)

33 JunaECBS (Pinkie, I'm not sure that's how you... -Lunar)

34 Moonlight Scribe

35 Moonlight Scribe (I like it :) -Lunar)

36 Moonlight Scribe (I'll give you a place to stay, Trixie :( -Lunar)

37 NikkuWalkanov (Cupcake! -Lunar)

38 pinkie-pie-ninja

39 Nun2artzy ( :D -Lunar)

40 brokenhero

41 RaspleZS (I'd probably have played these games more if this was real! -Lunar)

42 Shammysteak (Very interesting style. I look forward to seeing more from you! - Atlur)


44 Jdan-s (Tavi is adorable when she smiles! -Lunar)

45 larrle

46 moonlitblackcat

47 Ailynd

48 Eva-Janova (It does not surprise me that Twilight would be a bit skeptical in this situation - Atlur)

49 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

50 NinjaPony

51 G-DO-29--Anagram (That is a sturdy-looking box you've got there - Atlur)

52 Easteu (This is awfully cute! -Lunar)

53 bananizen (Good to have you submitting again! :) And hooray, Pinkie! - Atlur)

54 MusicAndLed (If you can get along with Trixie, you can stay too, Dashie :( -Lunar)

55 Shveyk (This is quite clever :) -Lunar)

56 KUROGUAUGUAU (Derp! :) -Lunar)

57 Moonlight Scribe

58 RaspleZS

59 RunbowDash

60 kits

61 Acceleron (Aaaaah, why!? I just wanted some juice! -Lunar)

62 bluefiresword (So torn between D: and :D on this one! -Lunar)

63 NME-NRG (I'd have liked this box as well! -Lunar)

64 Chromadancer (:D -Lunar)

65 Terrible Transit

66 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Don't worry your pretty little head over it, Twi. Just roll with it - Atlur)

67 Ambrose Buttercrust (I think I just broke my brain. -Lunar)

68 Prismatic-Pretzel (I am a sucker for anything Dinky and Derpy, and this is no exception :) -Lunar)

69 Delta-Pangaea

70 041744 (Trixie, noooooo! -Lunar)

71 Invidlord (Brain continues to be broken. -Lunar)

72 Muffinsforever

73 MrSevens

74 ZeldaTheSwordsman (Work with what you've got - Atlur)

75 Jeff Martinez (Clever! -Lunar)

76 LeafGrowth

77 GiantMosquito (So... cute... -Lunar)

78 thattagen (I had the 1Up sound play in my head when I saw this. -Lunar)

79 RiokennG3 (She's being content(s) - Atlur)

80 Argentum-Zeena (And I'll take this box as well. -Lunar)

81 egophiliac (Hrrrrrnnnngh - okay, better now! <3 -Lunar)