Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 48 Wrap Up



Greetings, champions!  I see you come here, wishing to revel in your triumphs with other similarly-victorious ponies!  There is nothing wrong with this, my friend.  And further, you have come to the right place for this.  Here, you will find a great many ponies, all of them fresh from completing their set challenges; many of them overcoming vast and impossible odds to stand and be crowned the victor at the end.  Their path has been a difficult one, but for now, they rest, knowing they are the champions.

Now go, you ponies!  Go, and revel in their triumphal glories!

01. Philith

(Derpy you've created a situation very dire, because you have started a forest fire. - fetchbeer)

02. WolffyLuna

03. K4nK4n (aka StarCrosser)

(Get some! -Lunar)

04. SamuelEAllen

(These shiny things Rarity does enjoy, but Spike's hunger may this gem destroy. - fetchbeer)

05. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

06. Sovwi

(No other pony is so good at battle, to bad he gets these honors for fighting cattle. - fetchbeer)

07. Legeden

08. Wolferahm

(So many aliens torment this stallion, for his efforts he deserves a medallion! - fetchbeer)

09. GoggleSparks

10. hip-indeed

(In her dreams she is number one, but by her personality she is undone! - fetchbeer)

11. Shachza

(No, I just... thought it might be nice to have one? -Lunar)

12. Predelnik

(For the New Lunar Republic! -Lunar)

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(With her checklist she is triumphant, but did a certain song she just chant? - fetchbeer)

14. Runbow Dash

(This is heartwarming and amazing and just yes.  -Lunar)

15. Acceleron

(Though I never played this exact game, I played others like it that got acclaim. - fetchbeer)

16. TerribleTransit

17. Schluberlubs

(Pinkie Pie is quite a smarty, everypony loves a full metal party! - fetchbeer)

18. MoonlightScribe

(Trixie, why? D: -Lunar)

19. SeaBastian

(You shoulda seen the other guy! -Lunar)

20. Prismatic Pretzel

(Just where does Derpy plant this flag, wherever it is I'm sure she'll brag. - fetchbeer)

21. Lunar Apologist

(Unfinished, like a jerk -Lunar)

22. BrokenHero

(Broken, you have said it best: "There's nothing more triumphant than John Bender's upthrust fist.")

23. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Rainbow Dash is very showy, especially if the wind is blowy. - fetchbeer)

24. MaskedRedDragon

25. DarkFlareAlchemist

26. Fox_E

(Seeing this little victory jig makes me want to cheer! -Lunar)

27. BlackLal

(Two pony princesses in triumph pose, though Luna will not soon her sister again depose. - fetchbeer)

28. Heliki

29. Muffinsforever

(Poor Dash will never live this down, everypony will think she was beaten by a clown. - fetchbeer)

30. ashantiaja

31. PnFink

32. Zeo-of-the-North

(An armored unicorn surveys the conflicts end, with her sword no enemy could contend. - fetchbeer)

33. The-Laughing-Horror

Image is mature-filtered for blood, but well-worth looking at!
(Please click through and check it out! -Lunar)

34. Wrenchan

(To have done this on an iPhone is quite the accomplishment! -Lunar)

35. TheBlackEmperor

(This pony stands upon a giant rock, while other ponies stand and gawk. - fetchbeer)

(Also, am I the only one who had the "Guts" theme go through my head, and mentally photoshopped in his chunk of the Aggro Crag? -Lunar)

36. ZeldaTheSwordsman

37. AmbroseButtercrust

(Berry Punch crosses the finish line, on the other side must be wine! - fetchbeer)

38. Invidlord

39. Delta Pangaea

40. Thattagen

(Yay, congrats on the job! -Lunar)

41. Euphreana

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week 47 Wrap Up

A dame walked through my door.  She was all legs and pedicured hooves, her hair done up in femme-fatale style.  She was going to be trouble, and I knew it.  I also knew I was going to take the case anyway, sucker that I am.

I mean, uh, welcome, everypony!  I hope you're ready for the dark, the dim, the obscure, and the byzantine.  For you see, you all have submitted an amazing number of tenebrous ponies - far more than might have been expected; like shades looming suddenly in the dark, taking us unawares.

So, come, all, and look upon these dark, these introspective, these many wonderful entries!

01. AaronMk

(Such lovely writing forms this ponies face, these loops convey the princess's grace! - fetchbeer)

02. K4nK4n (aka StarCrosser)

03. Orion

(This pony looks so very frigid, I just hope he's not frozen rigid! - fetchbeer)

04. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

05. K4nK4n (aka StarCrosser)

06. ZeldaTheSwordsman

(I'm not sure what scares me more, but more peaceful options these creatures should explore. - fetchbeer)

07. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

08. SeaBastian

(What evil plans does this smiling pony hide? But I think I'll just go outside! - fetchbeer)

09. Philith

10. GoggleSparks

11. LendABit

(She may not be the pony we deserve, but no other mare has the nerve! - fetchbeer)

12. Revokat

13. SamuelEAllen

(Do not mock a ponies eye wear, or she may become what you do fear! - fetchbeer)

14. GoggleSparks

15. Cynos-Zilla

(On who does Twilight wish to spy, for her to hire a private eye? - fetchbeer)

16. WolffyLuna

17. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

18. Runbow Dash

(Why does this blue pony look quite so devious, except to do something mischievous! - fetchbeer)

19. Codexofhaseo

20. Predelnik

21. Prismatic Pretzel

22. MoonlightScribe

(Into the gloom this pony walks, now if only she was wearing socks. - fetchbeer)

23. The Laughing Horror

24. The Laughing Horror

25. LG

26. Baisre

27. AaronMK

(In green light these ponies wallow, just what has brought on this strange sorrow? - fetchbeer)

28. Scyphi

29. Scyphi

30. demented-Mr-Paulsen

(How does one hold guns with hooves? I just hope they can hit what in the darkness moves. - fetchbeer)

31. hip-indeed

32. pinkypies

33. Schluberlubs

34. Smava-Heartsong

(This poor pony's special talent, seems to cause a raincloud that won't relent. - fetcbeer)

35. bulletbarrage

36. jamesprager

37. AForgottenHunter

(this poor unicorn sits in the rain, from this activity I will refrain. - fetchbeer)

38. Aurora-Dorable

39. blaberustrix

(I have not seen your instrument, but for it's loss I do lament. - fetchbeer)

40. LethargicGamer

41. Zeo-of-the-North

42. ashantiaja

43. RookieOwl

44. RookieOwl

45. TurboSolid

46. Lamiaaaa

47. BlackLal
(Click through to see the .gif in action! -Lunar)

48. Glaive-Silver

49. Lil-Dark-Vixen

50. Quilltastic

51. Firehazard14

52. ValkyrieSkies

53. RyuuKiba

54. JimTheCactus

55. Muffinsforever

56. Delta-Pangaea

57. IceOfWaterflock

58. TerribleTransit

59. brokenhero0409

60. Invidlord

61. Pikacino

62. ColdSolstice

63. Acceleron

64. Baisre

65. thattagen