Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 9

So, I went to a party last Saturday night. It was a cocktail party. Fancy booze, little umbrellas, cocktail cherries and everything. Most of my pals were there and a few people I'd only met before briefly.

We'd just finished off a pitcher of something we'd later call "Satan's Calpol" and my turn to mix came up. I splash some booze in a glass, look at it and reach for the bitters. I shake a few drops in, which settle on the top of the drink. "there," I say. "Much cooler."

Out of nowhere the chap stood across the kitchen, someone I'd never met said "About 20% cooler?" I stopped for a second and looked at him quizically. "Really?" I asked, "In 10 seconds flat?" The laughed and we raised a knowing glass at each other.

We may not have spoken of ponies again that night, but I know there was a fellow brony there. That's when I started wondering how many of us there are? How many closet bronies are kicking around, never flying the pony flag? Guess we'll never know, but it's entertaining to think about.

What's this got to do with athletic ponies? Absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. But you know what? You folks managed to draw us 87 pictures of strapping, athletic ponies! Well done to each and every one of you! You keep making these pictures, despite us being in the depths of the pony drought (which should be over soon! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

As ever, you can find our group at

Enough of my prattle. On to the ponies. Here's your artistic actualisations of athletic equines:

1 Easteu (Trust Pinkie Pie bring skis to the the games in summer, though when she uses them it's a stunner. - fetchbeer)

2 candysnow-09

3 Baisre (Very atmospheric! - Lunar Apologist)

4 boingyman

5 MoonlightScribe (Unicorn horn and balls just don't mix, I suppose she has a spell to that puncture fix. - fetchbeer)

6 Hikarixxkh

7 AmbroseButtercrust

8 RydelFox (Then... where did the hoop come from? 9_6 - Lunar Apologist)

9 CrunchNugget (I'm not sure that Applejack quite likes this game, if I was being ridden I'd feel the same. - fetchbeer)

10 NikkuWalkanov

11 MaxAyson (That looks like an enjoyable afternoon :) - Atlur)

12 RaspleZS (So many great little details! - Atlur)

13 Chromadancer

14 Philith

15 D-Hatcher

16 kibihascrashed (Flex those mental muscles - Atlur)

17 ArcticIceBreaker

18 brokenhero0409 (I know this feeling all too well. So many bars and pads and weights - Atlur)

19 ColinMLP

20 Tzurkir

21 SamuelEAllen (Classic, and tricksy - Atlur)

22 Alipes

23 Whispatchet (Definitely one of the stranger parts of MLP canon - Atlur)

24 sbshouseofpancakes (Wow, great movement in this picture - Atlur)

25 Invidlord

26 Daniel120 (Uncomfortably Energetic! - Atlur)

27 herpdragon

28 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

29 TheRecliner27

30 peperoger (Rainbow Dash sure likes this car, her need for speed is quite bizarre. - fetchbeer)

31 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

32 aoshistark

33 GiantMosquito (That looks incredibly difficult, but if anypony could do it, it'd be her - Atlur)

34 MoonlightScribe (She's got dedication, I'll give her that - Atlur)

35 MoonlightScribe

36 bananizen

37 LeafGrowth (That's adora-ball - Atlur)

38 FoxOFWar

39 Pebblenator

40 TheWormOuroboros

41 necrodios (Twilight has become quite a beefcake, if I mock her my spine she might break. - fetchbeer)

42 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Always neat to see a different take on the ponies - Atlur)

43 AmbroseButtercrust

44 Jdan-S

45 Pebblenator

46 demented-Mr-Paulsen (This debate is the subject of many rants, but to me soccer is the metric system in short pants. - fetchbeer)

47 Nun2artzy


49 Atlur

50 Poniker (And then Scoots face froze in a mask of joy - kits)

51 HarrowTPrower

52 kitsuneymg

53 Adiwan (On the beach these ponies relax and play, no stress or worries are allowed today. - fetchbeer)

54 Errick

55 DI-FL

56 Rhanoa (Poor Scoots does struggle to lift that weight, to her wimpiness I can relate. - fetchbeer)

57 ReakkorShrike

58 ThisNameIsNotProfane


60 lunarapologist (She looks so smug with her foil in the air, but flying swords just don't seem fair. - fetchbeer)

61 Nowler

62 Goggle Sparks

63 Nullh (That just makes his dedication and success all the more amazing - kits)

64 DarkKnightWolf2011

65 larrle (If you've ever tried to put up a 6 man tent in pouring Welsh rain you would know that camping is clearly a sport! :D -Nullh)

66 Moabite (Poor unicorns, unable to play best sport - kits)

67 Naytree

68 jamanecanpony

69 bluefiresword

70 Tecknojock (Rainbow Dash does spike quite well, though at serving she does not excel. - fetchbeer)

71 hip-indeed (:D -Nullh)

72 VirgaRainboom (Non-model poses away! Good job, man! -Nullh)

73 Fetchbeer

74 Sir-Dangereaux

75 Chromadancer (Better this pony should have known, now to iron turned instead of stone. - fetchbeer)

76 Amehdaus

77 Invidlord (You've got to watch her when she rolls her dice, to cheat with magic is not nice. - fetchbeer)

78 Delta-Pangaea

79 JimTheCactus

80 TerribleTransit

81 Psychroculus (Broken hand, and hastily written ship to go with it? YOU'RE A HERO! -Nullh)

82 toonboy92484

83 Prismatic-Pretzel

84 Wolferahm (With this failure Twilight looks like quite a chump, long ago she should have learned that unicorns can't jump. - fetchbeer)

85 Weasgotu89

86 Fox-E (I cannot imagine what this would be like. Takes me back to my student days. -Nullh)

87 JeffMartinez

Late submitters submit late xD

88 Fatum--Inanis