Sunday, 31 January 2016

Week 240 Wrap Up

Uhh, hmm...

I was supposed to create a grand sweeping tale with which to regale you this evening in celebration of this week's theme. However, I spent most of the time intended for the creation of this tale going on a massive TVTropes wiki walk. So we're gonna need to go with the story equivalent of fast food.

It was a dark and stormy night. The Great MacGuffin had been stolen! Doesn't that just take the cake? But the cake is a lie! *tomato hits face*

Oh, come on! There's nothing like a good story! ... Sigh. And yeah, this is nothing like a good story. So you know what? Let's go ahead and direct our attention to the pictures below. I'm sure they're telling much better stories than I am.

Gallery for Week 212

01. G-DO-29--Anagram
An extension of ATG 248... I ran out of ideas for this one.

Some stories should not be told, for they leave others out cold. - fetchbeer

02. Vaser888

That's quite the mane of hair she has, which has quite a bit of pizzazz. - fetchbeer

03. AaronMk

Secret magic cast in fire, to avert a situation dire. - fetchbeer

04. Silverwisp

A strange head speaking warnings, as it waits through endless mornings. - fetchbeer

05. Scuri Levenstein

Singing songs of dragons past, though the audience seems a tad aghast. - fetchbeer

06. Speedy526745

I'm not sure how you keep control, with not much wing and lots of hole. - fetchbeer

07. Glaive Silver
Interesting stories can come from just about anywhere!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Week 239 Wrap Up

Ponies can see where gems are buried within the ground but can they see why dragons love the great taste of Gems? It's not the colors! It's because gems are filled with delicious swirls of real minerals and ambient magic swirled into every bite!

Gems might just be snacks for dragons, but we appreciate them more for the four Cees. Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carats. None of those C's stands for Flavor. Flavor doesn't even start with the letter C! Although, Carats might be mistaken for Carrots... and ponies definitely eat those... hmm... we may need to rethink this.

In any case, like a pony appreciating the wonderful shine of a newly cut gem, we'd like you all to appreciate the wonderful "gems" below. And please, no eating the images. This goes for you dragons too.

01. Speedy526745

Magic swirling colored jewels, which let you break all the rules. - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash

Villains trying to end the planet, but will their efforts be for granite. - fetchbeer

03. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

What will you pay for this shiny bauble, it's sure not to cause a squabble. - fetchbeer

04. G-DO-29--Anagram
Never ask Gem inquiries about jewellery or gemstones.

Your name tells nothing of who you are, anyone can be a star. - fetchbeer

05. Redquoza

Swimming in a golden hoard, surely you will never again be board. - fetchbeer

06. Vaser888

Shining brighter than the lights, singing away the long long nights. - fetchbeer

07. HalflingPony
Pony Jewelry (WIP)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Week 238 Wrap up

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! Oh, I'm so late! Why, I have to be there in... *checks watch* ...Wait, I'm not late. I still have more than an hour to go. Plenty of time!

Well, it seems that I don't need to hurry after all. I can take it nice and slowly, and still get there on time. But not too slowly, mind you; there's 'slow and steady' and then there's 'being a snail'. And the latter will result in being late even if one had plenty of time.

So for that reason, I shall refrain from babbling any further and instead direct you to the ponies below. They all understand the value of taking things slowly, after all. Or at least, when time allows.

Gallery for Week 158

1. Speedy526745

Some times you want to go quite slow, or just to pretend to watch things grow. - fetchbeer

2. G-DO-29--Anagram
Yeah, have you ever took so long to go to the bathroom that your video card transformed into a potato?

Sometimes tech seems to downgrade itself, and only is suitable for a shelf. - fetchbeer

3. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Make your stalker row the boat, though his chance of more is quite remote. - fetchbeer

4. Scuri Levenstein

Is she here to steal the clocks, or just to hide it in a box. - fetchbeer

5. Vaser888

A nice flight to relax the mind, and help you to unwind. - fetchbeer

6. Philith
Sky Hammock! and let slip the dogs of war!

Maybe you shouldn't tie your hammock clouds, so as to not provide amusement to the crowds. - fetchbeer

18. HalflingPony
Taking His Time

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 237 Wrap Up

Gah, I just can't wait anymore! I told myself to write this blog entry next week, then invent a time machine to send it back to me in time for this update. But here I am, so close to the deadline, and I've yet to show up with the entry. I really should have known better than to trust myself with something as important as inventing time travel...

Anyways, I'm not the only one here who's thoughts have been focused on the future. A new year brings new resolutions and all that. And it can also bring new revolutions if one is a less-than-stellar ruler, but I doubt anypony here needs to worry about that. After all, I doubt that anypony here is an actual ruler, less-than-stellar or otherwise. But it's time for me to stop babbling so that you all can do what you're looking forward to: seeing what new bits of artwork have been created this week!

Gallery for Week 157

01. Speedy526745

Tiny trees are rather cute, as long as they aren't underfoot. - fetchbeer

02. G-DO-29--Anagram
One of those things that I have to sometimes remind myself of and why the heck is this so humongo [9 megapixels big]?

Boxes to pack your life away, hiding things for another day. - fetchbeer

03. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Acquiring many small and furry friends, and pampering them in their many dens. - fetchbeer

04. Redquoza
Some sort of magical energy pony golem from the future.

Glowing bits of magic armor, though it would be nice to make a magic farmer. - fetchbeer

05. Scuri Levenstein

It's nice to get your hair done and vent your mind, a little time to rest and unwind. - fetchbeer

06. vaser888

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Week 236 Wrap Up

Look at how far we've come! We've reached a triple digit episode count, witnessed Luna's own dreams, survived a mid-season hiatus, and watched as Twilight gained a student of her own. There is truly much to enjoy in this past year. And of course, the good hasn't been limited to this season, but I do want to focus on... well, what this blog traditionally focusses on.

And speaking of which, below you can see the fruits of this week's artistic labors. While the ponies may not be in 're'view, they are certainly now in view!

Gallery for Week 209

01. Speedy526745

Looking back to see where you're from, could leave you feeling rather glum. - fetchbeer

02. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Books filled with memories so precious, of your past self may make you jealous. - fetchbeer

03. G-DO-29--Anagram
WARNING: EXTREMELY LARGE IMAGE Why do I insist on making things a trillion times more complicated?

How long has your journey been? And do the memories make your head spin? - fetchbeer

04. Scuri Levenstein

Is she getting better or getting worse? I'm not sure but she thinks she's a horse. - fetchbeer

05. Vaser888