Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 118 Wrap Up

The Empire has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come.

The data brought to us by the Griffon spies pinpoints the exact location of Nightmare Moon's new battle station. We also know that the weapon systems of this 'Death Moon' are not yet operational. With the Imperial Fleet spread throughout the galaxy in a vain effort to engage us, it is relatively unprotected. But most important of all, we've learned that Nightmare Moon herself is personally overseeing the final stages of the construction of this Death Moon.

 Many Griffon's died to bring up this information...

A small team of elite Rebel artists, striking in secret, has created propaganda in our ongoing war against tyranny, against injustice, and against eternal night!  As we prepare for our final battle to free the galaxy, look upon the art below, and hold them close to your heart as you head into battle.

May the force be with you.

Gallery for Week 118

01. ShadowSilverwolf

This pegasus flees from darkened skies, maybe they will keep others from seeing the tears forming in her eyes. - fetchbeer

02. Scarlet Twinkle
I tried to resist the obvious choice. I really did. I failed. So here's Rebel Twi about to blow up the death Sun.

03. Prynnie
Calling all Rebels~ Unite! (and yes.... I know... it is bad)

Leather jackets and light sabers, both kinds of Rebels make bad neighbors. - fetchbeer

04. F00Fdramon

05. David Lockwood
You know how it is...

Even wookies can't stand human puns, probably why they always carry guns. - fetchbeer

06. BluestreakFUS

07. MrJuneWolf

Some ponies just refuse to follow normal rules, though this one has an excuse while he still drools. - fetchbeer

08. AbysmalAegis

09. ScuriLevenstein

You can only take such insults for so long, the more they hurl their torment they prolong. - fetchbeer

11. TheCyborgWithin
Spike's not gonna take it! No, he ain't gonna take it! Spike's not gonna take it, anymore!

12. Scarlet Twinkle

Never leave your student unattended, for their mischief may not be soon mended. - fetchbeer

13. stuhp

14. Blue Wolf
Rebel Scum!

All ready for space and an awesome fight, though lasers usually aren't polite. - fetchbeer

15. GoggleSparks
Meanie Belle is the best rebellious pony XD

16. Mortris

This Princess has always been a little rebellious, but usually only because she's jealous. - fetchbeer

17. aj_joe
Twilight Vi Britannia

18. dorkas

Some siblings just always fight, but usually it ends up alright. - fetchbeer

19. Abyssal Emissary
A great occasion to use the traditional royal Canterlot voice!

20. ZeldaTheSwordsman

How dare you stick your tongue out at me, if you know what's good you'd just flee. - fetchbeer

21. MalWinters

23. Invidlord

Some ponies just love a shiny thing, especially a glowing sword that you can swing. - fetchbeer

24. ForwardBias

25. A Brony Account
She's a revolutionary pony, see? I guess you could say I did the theme in a round-about way!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week 117 Wrap Up

In the cold north, a shadow stirs.  A dark presence stretches across Equestria (no, not King Sombra)... it's powerful dark magics have leeched into the land itself, and have found purchase in the soils where we have laid to rest those who have already passed on.  The Lich Pony's terrifying grasp has them now, and the army he is raising will destroy the world, unless our greatest heroes can march north and destroy his power... wait... no... that's a video game.

No, these undead are far less organized, but in some cases, no less deadly.  From the lone ghoul raised by mistake, to the (surprisingly) coordinated back-up dancers, the dead walk.  The creatures of your nightmares (no, not Nightmare Moon) who march upon the world.  What was merely the realm of horror movies before is now reality, and the hordes march on, leaving dread and chaos (no, not Discord) in their wake.

But the time has come, to face your fears.  To stare death in its empty eyes and know that you can overcome it.  To know that the world may change (no, not Chrysalis), but ponies will prevail!  Let's take a look at the first-hoof evidence presented by our brave artists who dared confront the horrors of the trotting dead!

01. OtterMatt
The hit show of the season, 5AM's "The Trotting Dead!"

Beware before you take drastic measures, for your parents may not yet of tasted coffee's pleasures. - fetchbeer

02. Pocket Sized
Struck with the dreaded con plague after last weekend's anime convention. Not really the trotting, but feels like death!

03. Scarlet Twinkle

With your faithful friends at your side, that evil horde you'll turn aside. - fetchbeer

04. stuhp
First submission~

05. ScuriLevenstein

These ponies trot around a skull, surely Ponyville is now less dull. - fetchbeer

07. Prynnie
~Just when she thought it couldn't get ANY weirder Scootaloo is being visited from the beyond by Toola Roola..

08. dorkas

Make sure you have enough old boards, before you have to stop the undead hordes. - fetchbeer

09. David Lockwood

10. Blue Wolf
Unoriginal title is unoriginal. Bought some new Lyra colored Copic markers so tested them out on this theme! :D

Watch out for their snapping jaws, for who knows who that pony was... -fetchbeer

11. Rad-man
Submission form says I'm late, DA page says I have 6 hours. Huh. I'll have to be a day quicker next time?

12. dredaich

A skeletal horse with a giant sword, this monster surely will not be ignored. - fetchbeer

13. Abyssal Emissary
I have no idea what's going on... At least Pinkie is having fun.

14. Philith
And then it's going to eat me. Oh my GoOoOoOoOd.

I don't trust just a chain to hold, but I'm not known for being bold. - fetchbeer

15. Invidlord

16. MalWinters
(Just a tad past de-upload a smaller version save, didn't know the size limitation :x)

18. ZeldaTheSwordsman
ARGH! First eraser tears then the scanner not reading some of the inked lines then the browser lagging and crashing X.X

19. ABronyAccount

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 116 Wrap Up


All right, ponies, there was no human. The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

Wait, you don't believe me?

You think I'm just a member of another conspiracy trying to erase all evidence of this one? That I'm covering up the existence of a portal to the human world?

Why would I do that? I'm just a normal pony, just like you... And that pen I held up a few moments ago was just that, a pen, nothing special... totally not a top secret government device designed to target specific brain cells responsible for short term memory and eradicate them, removing all trace of a specified time period from your brain...


I've been running on again...

Please wait one moment and direct your attention towards my pen.


01. Jezendar
What's a surfing shop doing in a town hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean? It's a conspiracy man...

They seek to sell thinks you do not need, because there is no sane end to greed. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

How long before this colt is from a cannon fired? Maybe a better job he could have acquired. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

What Is hidden under these black boxes? Maybe some cute and fluffy foxes? - fetchbeer

05. Philith
Animated. You might need to click it.

Sometime they've hidden things in plain sight, at least if you look with the right light! - fetchbeer

06. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Do not look underneath that blanket there, for what lurks below may cause a scare! - fetchbeer

07. A Brony Account

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 115 Wrap Up

The time has come to once more draw in our bountiful harvest.  Every week, we plant the seeds of an idea, a simple little theme, and hope that it takes hold.  A little love, a little time, and more than a little sweat and toil, and these seeds begin to grow into ripe ideas, fresh thoughts, and inspiring images.  So now, we return to the fertile fields of imagination and reap the rewards, a glorious yield of ponies farming, harvesting, preparing for the Autumn months to come.  Hard months for some, but with the preparations we've made, we can weather any season!

Or perhaps the reaping is of another kind... a dark taking. Cutting down what once stood tall and proud, and which shall soon lie fallow.  Ponies tell tales of a figure walking through the fields at night with a long scythe, a sharp hoof at the end of a long bony limb that knocks upon your door when it is time to trot into the next world, his mouth open to swallow Luna's stars during the day.  ...or maybe that's just an old mare's tale.

Instead, let's walk through the fields, bask in the spoils of another week gone by and the hard work put forth to create this wonderful crop of Productive produce planting Ponies and powerful phantasms procuring ponies who've passed on.

Gallery for Week 88

01. BluestreakFUS

That scythe looks far too keen, and I think that pony may want my spleen... - fetchbeer

02. TheCyborgWithin
How I wish I could just draw all day to practice, but alas I have only this to show for my efforts.

03. Cobralash

This pony takes his load to sell on market day, lets hope the cart does not go astray! - fetchbeer

04. Jdan-S

05. ScuriLevenstein

I think some pony here is just too tense, but to translate the rest am too dense. - fetchbeer

06. Pio21

No pony should be that happy with that implement, and about that look I feel ambivalent... - fetchbeer

07. F00Fdramon
A creative interpretation of this week's theme.

08. Philith

A tiny metal menace pesters this orange pony, maybe it just wants macaroni? - fetchbeer

09. Invidlord
"You can count on me to help reap what you've sown."

10. Jezendar
Nocturne finds a harvest of food at a long-abandoned shop.

11. ZeldaTheSwordsman