Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 83 Wrap Up

Yes, yes!  This is what I wanted!

For one week, chaos and chaotic ponies reign supreme!  Mixing and mashing things up, making life interesting!

Pardon me while I laugh maniacally and caper in the chocolate rain.  Have some ponies as I do so.

01. smega39
It had to be done.

Seven gems bring this pony power, and all enemies will surely cower. - fetchbeer

02. DreamSnake
Madness is CHAOS!

03. SamuelEAllen
What if somepony's cutie mark was litterally chaos? Things might get a little... well, chaotic.

When ones plot just walks away, you've surely had a horrid day. - fetchbeer

04. DAbestpony

05. Applestack (aka K4nK4n)
"Chaos is good when used against Evil."

There is nothing that my attention taxes, as much as a crazy mare with axes. - fetchbeer

06. Glaive-Silver

07. dorkas

A pony upside down on a flying rock, at least they aren't part of a flock. - fetchbeer

08. Sovwi

09. hip-indeed

What spells has twilight been playing with? Is she becoming something of myth? - fetchbeer

10. Random Dash
If Rampage vs Raiders isn't chaotic enough, then nothing is.

11. BrokenHero0409

This pony must have quite a story, I think I'll go hide in a quarry. - fetchbeer

12. demented-Mr-Paulsen

13. Mortris

Of course this alicorn would make a chocolate river, to where did she make this confection stream deliver? - fetchbeer

14. GoggleSparks

15. ScuriLevenstein

I think I know of things to make this pierced pony fret, I think much chaos would ensue with a little magnet. - fetchbeer

16. aj_joe
Pinkamena Diane Pie just obtained immortality and knows the Jashin curse? Let the chaos begin.

17. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

One day her parties will end the everything, and on that day I hope to have taken wing. - fetchbeer

18. phallen1
Anarchy in the EQ!

19. CaptainBoat

I think somehow that Derpy is to blame, but for the mare to be responsible would be a shames. - fetchbeer

20. fiendaffliction

21. Michael1st

Why do I think this Great Leader is the Stig? Well at least he's leaving with more than just a twig. - fetchbeer

23. Invidlord
Nihgt Flurry under Discord's influence imagined that Windmills were dragons.

24. Thattagen
Screwball x Twilight Sparkle: One True Fusion.

Is Twilight under mind control? Or has studying just taken too big a toll. - fetchbeer

25. Delta Pangaea

26. MixedScales
Inspired by the book The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, simply one amazing book

Even the ground has gone all crazy, and I think my vision is going hazy! - fetchbeer

27. Philith

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week 82 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  And welcome to this week's wrap up!

I'll be honest, I should have spent more time writing this.  But instead, I spent a solid 10 minutes staring into space imagining I was stomping through a city.  Should have been born a kaiju, or something.

But I guess it's not all laser-breath and sunshine there.  I mean, we've all seen the movies!  The best ending you get is retreating into the ocean from whence you came to lick your wounds and come back in a sequel.  At worst, you're food for some other monster, or vaporized by some death-ray, or... whatever.  It's not good!

Fortunately, we don't have anypony suffering that fate this week!  Instead, we seem to all be in the stomping-about state of affairs.  Well, some ponies, anyway!  I see some others of you have chosen to embrace the more... diabolical side of things!  And others still have taken a shine to making monsters of ponies!

And I have to tell you, all the Japanese stuff brought a huge grin to my face.

Well done, all of you!  Now, let's cease my ramblings, and get on with seeing your excellent work. :)

01. ShroomehTehPoneh

All the ponies will run in fear, now that this giant pony is here! - fetchbeer

02. DreamSnake
Asura's Wrath reference.

03. GoggleSparks

What mischief comes from a giant Scootaloo, watch out for to her you are but a shrew. - fetchbeer

04. dorkas

05. Duerplol

A giant pony steps upon a Lego roof, I just hope she doesn't hurt her hoof. - fetchbeer

06. demented-Mr-Paulsen
sorry i've been gone, did i miss anything?

You have missed the invasion of a number of giant ponies, it seems! -Lunar

07. Mortris

Such a creature makes me quake in fear, I'm not even as big as it's giant ear! - fetchbeer

08. Philith

09. Wicked-Brew
Not my best, but it was an interesting idea, so i went with it.

Who lived in that house she squashed! Was it some kind of rebellion that she quashed? - fetchbeer

10. AaronMk
Monstrous actions make monstrous ponies/people. And it should be no wonder the ponies of the Crystal Empire fear King Sombra.

11. Maddog10_20
It came, a rumble below the hearing that shook the bone, fire emanating form its mouths. The creature once known as 'Fluttershy' hid behind a ridge until it passed, and wept acrid tears.

All self lost in the depth of rage, as fury is released from it's mortal cage. - fetchbeer

12. Norque

13. fiendaffliction
Giant Pinkie Pie

The giant pony rampages across the land, but what tribute does it demand? - fetchbeer

14. Dahngrest

15. SamuelEAllen

I think this spell needs a correction, otherwise she'll continue to look like a reflection! - fetchbeer

16. keelen87


17. keelen87

The buildings shake as this monster approaches, as it smashes houses and tosses coaches. - fetchbeer

18. Liiinadesu

I approve of your kaiju cosplay! :D -Lunar

19. DAbestpony
Cue epic boss fight music!

I hope they know how to fight giant dinosaurs, otherwise they'll be covered with bruises and sores. - fetchbeer

20. Jezendar
That's no moon...

21. Random Dash
A giant or looking like one to Applebloom? Decide for yourself.

I didn't think that Big Mac was quite so tall, or did someone shrink Applebloom the be really small? - fetchbeer

22. hip-indeed

23. BrokenHero0409

A monster seeking to devour brains, but I'd rather see it in some more chains. - fetchbeer

24. ArmoredPegasus

25. Schluberlubs

I'm not sure I like how she stares down at me, what does she hope she'll see. - fetchbeer

26. ScuriLevenstein

27. Fuzzy Acorn Industries
Fluttershy as big as her kind, tender heart.

Fluttershy is kind at any size, even when all her friends are pint size. - fetchbeer

28. Invidlord

29. The Laughing Horror

Barns upturned a ponies consumed, it's a good thing toys are all that's doomed. - fetchbeer

30. dmtactical

So... awesome... -Lunar

32. phallen1
Please discard the previous submission and use this one in its place. I forgot the damn cutie mark! >_<

From some dark future this pony creature came, but will anypony accept the blame. - fetchbeer

33. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback would be very appreciated! :D

That globe before you is no muffin, please just put it back! - fetchbeer

34. Scyphi
Calvin and Hobbes references FTW.

Yessssssss. -Lunar

35. Delta Pangaea

A walrus stares with beady eyes, I fear I now face my demise. - fetchbeer

36. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

So desu ne~!  ...I am not good at Japanese. -Lunar

37. ZeldaTheSwordsman