Monday, 31 October 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 18

I hope your Nightmare Night brought you foals lots of candy! Or at least the opportunity to see lots of awesome costumes! I barely got to sit in my seat long enough to type this out with my hooves because I was constantly having to jump up and answer the door! So many little colts looking cute, and some older ones who could have put some more effort into it!

But anyway, here we have the 88 wonderful pics you ponies have drawn for us this week! So many costumed ponies! So much Candy! So awesome!

1 DiegoTan (Though that pumpkin claims it's not a hat, I think I would enjoy it going splat. - fetchbeer)


3 NinjaPony (A classic costume, and always adorable - Atlur)

4 MaxAyson (Vampires should pay more attention to the sun, turning to ash is never fun. - fetchbeer)

5 MaxAyson

6 Alipes (I'm digging the spooky lighting - Atlur)

7 hip-indeed (This is so amazing! I love it! :D - Atlur)

8 UnicornSketch (I'm reminded of the Living Forest from Mortal Kombat II. Those trees are also scary - Atlur)

9 RydelFox

10 FerrousOxideMolecule (Any outfit by that hat is much improved, and I could not bear to see it removed. - fetchbeer)

11 FerrousOxideMolecule

12 Otterlore (Living vicariously through your pony, I like it - Atlur)

13 AmbroseButtercrust (Lyra works surprisingly well for this costume - Atlur)

14 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

15 Luna-Roo

16 SamuelEAllen (Some pony does not like her imitation, and probably thinks she needs a vacation. - fetchbeer)

17 yawns12345 (Always nice to see some of the less-common ponies get some love - Atlur)

18 Scyphi (Oh Pinkie, you don't need a costume for that, silly! - Atlur)

19 DarkKnightWolf2011

20 TheWormOuroboros ("I'm a dragon!" is possibly my favorite quote from that episode - Atlur)

21 Philith (Wow, that is an impressive, if creepy, costume - Atlur)

22 wasd999

23 Ailynd (This seems like a probable choice for her costume, given what her sister was wearing - Atlur)

24 G-DO-29--Anagram

25 aiunit92

26 ErgoCogito (This zebra dances with the spirits, but she knows that even her magic has it's limits. - fetchbeer)

27 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (That is straight up terrifying. I am totally creeped out now. Good job! - Atlur)

28 SinisterMongoose

29 Rhanoa (Well, she totally rocked those bags, so more power to Ditzy - Atlur)

30 Nun2artzy

31 brokenhero0409 (Rock Pinkie will be unstoppable! - Atlur)

32 Adiwan

33 DarkKnightWolf2011

34 RydelFox (That works surprisingly well - Atlur)

35 Acceleron (Great minds think alike ;) - Atlur)

36 Libium (I like the heart stitches, very nice - Atlur)

37 moonlitblackcat

38 Trixingno (Little Trixie aspires to be so great, and to be so powerful she can not wait! - fetchbeer)

39 TheMellowSide (She can never catch a break, it seems - Atlur)

40 Crisp-DA

41 Whispatchet

42 Jdan-S (She can never catch a break, it seems - Atlur)

43 Shaeress (With that smile Tom looks somewhat boulder, I'll bet that smile just makes the mares smolder. - fetchbeer)

44 SeveringJuan (We didn't get a Rarity on Nightmare Night, so now we've got 3 to compensate - Atlur)

45 extraphotos

46 Geoberos (DJ by night, superhero by day - Atlur)

47 Geoberos (We didn't get a Rarity on Nightmare Night, so now we've got 3 to compensate - Atlur)

48 Invidlord (Sweet action pose! - Atlur)

49 demented-Mr-Paulsen

50 ColinMLP

51 RunbowDash (I like the atmosphere in this picture, and you did a great job with the sky - Atlur)

52 MoonlightScribe

53 MoonlightScribe (A pony as herself is dressed, by this costume I am impressed. - fetchbeer)

54 JunaECBS (I would totally put silly faces on the moon if I could - Atlur)

55 kitsuneymg (The costume has been doubled! - Atlur)

56 Easteu (I guess blood is better than her drinking gin, she should wipe that dribble off her chin. - fetchbeer)

57 TheRecliner27 (If anypony could fly backwards, it would be her - Atlur)

58 Wolferahm

59 necrodios (Fluttershy seems to like to dominate, so many Bronys probably wish to meet this fate. - fetchbeer)

60 Cynos-Zilla (This is fabulous! - Atlur)

61 Fetchbeer

62 Goggle Sparks

63 larrle (This tiny pony I can not resist, take all my candy I insist!! - fetchbeer)

64 jelly-berry

65 Philith (If I say Candlejack I won't disappear, In fact I think I'll drink another...)

66 CocoaNutCakery

67 ZeldaTheSwordsman

68 DI-FL

69 DI-FL (This filly with her grandma squabbled, but fortunately her backside remained ungobbled. - fetchbeer)

70 GiantMosquito


72 AmbroseButtercrust (Look behind you a three headed pony, though i think this one might be a phony. - fetchbeer)


74 JimTheCactus

75 Naytree

76 Fox-E (You really should draw yourself a pony, otherwise I'll draw you as minestrone. - fetchbeer)

77 Delta-Pangaea

78 RyuuKiba (Always nice to get another cultural take on a theme - Atlur)

79 JeffMartinez (Awesome costume, and double extra bonus points for not putting a period in Dr Pepper - Atlur)

80 Prismatic-Pretzel

81 RaspleZS (These two ponies unfortunately chose the same outfit, to escape embarrassment they both must split. - fetchbeer)

82 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

83 TerribleTransit

84 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Very good costume choice, and well-executed as well. I hope we never stop getting Discord art - Atlur)

85 yiKOmega (Poor Rainbow Dash dislikes this poptart dress, I thought it looked quite good I must confess. - fetchbeer)

86 Atlur

87 bluallday

88 allanah (The best cheerleader - Atlur)