Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 31

Weekly wrap-up, weekly wrap-up!
Let's show off our art right here!
Weekly wrap-up, weekly wrap-up!
Because tomorrow a new theme is here!
Tomorrow a new theme is here!

Seriously, that song goes through my head every time I do this blog. I can't decide if it's annoying or awesome.

Maybe both? Or neither? I have no idea anymore.

Anyway! Lunar Apologist here, with your week dose of image-compilation. And you know what; you ponies have done splendidly on this theme! I know (truth be told) it was something of a weak one, and the inestimable Blogprincess Phoe was running her Mock War all week, and that took a lot of time.

Even with that, though, you've all got in a very solid 45 entries this week! Way to go! :D

Have I ever told you all that you're awesome? Because you're awesome, and you should know that!

Brohoofs for all! :D

And I have nothing else to ramble about this week, so I'm just going to send you right along to look at the images! Whee!

1 PonyPowa (Tough love, baby - Atlur)

2 Ailynd (Feels like a fighting game. I like it - Atlur)

3 FairyBubblePuppy (On your marks, get set... - Atlur)

4 NewFrenchArtist

5 BGKyouhen (I have to admit, she is good. I can't compete with a pony that has not blinked for about a weeks time. - Arcum)

6 Invidlord (You sank my battleship! - Atlur)

7 TLATopHat (So tense you can feel it in the air! It's electric - Atlur)

8 SamuelEAllen (I have to admit, she is good. I can't compete with a pony that has not blinked for about a weeks time. - Arcum)

9 FerrousOxideMolecule (I never was much good with magic cards, and all my rares become discards. - fetchbeer)

10 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (As this last episode proved, she's clearly won in that arena - Atlur)

11 dotHampster

12 Midnight-Dragon15

13 K4nK4n (Unicorns usually have the upper hoof in weapon sparring, interesting to see it the other way around - Atlur)

14 CheckeredMarionette8 (But Derpy surely is the fairest mare, who could resist her blonde hair. - fetchbeer)

15 BronyGunso

16 Miroslav46 (This is awesome, and I don't know what else to say - Atlur)

17 TeenBulma (I bet it would be quite a race between those two - Atlur)

18 Famosity (Wow, that may be the prettiest Dashie I've ever seen - Atlur)

19 RunbowDash

20 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (If only this show moved somewhat quicker, the length of fights just makes me snicker. - fetchbeer)

21 DarkKnightWolf2011

22 Scyphi (I am as surprised as Twilight. I guess Spike has been reading up on chess, with all the time he spends in the library - Atlur)

23 MoonlightScribe

24 MoonlightScribe (I filled this out and sent it in, how long until I get to win? - fetchbeer)

25 hip-indeed (Truly a this will be a competition to be remembered - Atlur)

26 Tunskaa (This makes me laugh more than it probably should, hehe - Atlur)

27 Jdan-S

28 Otterlore

29 larrle (It's a pants-off dance-off! - Atlur)

30 Acceleron (Spitfire is quite a saucy mare, who looks even better with brushed hair. - fetchbeer)

31 BrokenHero (I like this a lot, but the detail that really stands out to me the most is your use of the sun - Atlur)

32 NikkuWalkanov (I would love to judge a baking competition - Atlur)

33 Prismatic-Pretzel (Pegasus sports are intense - Atlur)

34 Ambrose Buttercrust

35 splashshysden (This is super cute, well done - Atlur)

36 Jeff Martinez (Pinkie would be the one to scoot like that, I wonder how she'd race a cat. - fetchbeer)

37 Delta-Pangaea

38 ZeldaTheSwordsman (Haha, Trixie. Oh you - Atlur)

39 JimTheCactus (She gets an A for effort - Atlur)

40 LeafGrowth

41 TerribleTransit (I imagine this would be equally difficult, if not impossible, for Pinkie - Atlur)

42 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

43 Fox-E

44 Philith (I... think that is the scariest Luna I've ever seen o.o - Atlur)

45 HarrowTPrower

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 30

Well done everypony! You've delivered an excellent 59 entries - above average, of late! :D We've got cute and funny, and everything from spaceships to cyberpunk... and some slightly more serious, poignant entries about that Unknown Land that awaits us all someday. These are amazing, everypony, and you deserve a hoof for getting us these visions of the future. :)

Speaking of the future...

This is something that's probably going to get brought up on the dA blog, but I figured I'd bring it up here, too. Again, future, and all ;)


I'll just jump right into it. For me, there are a few important things that go into making art:

1) Inspiration
2) Motivation
3) Persistence

I mean, I figure you've got to have an idea to be able to work. Seems only logical. Once you've got that, you have to want to work on it. Again, makes sense. And, finally, once you've started, you have to want to keep working, seeing the thing through to the finish.

Now, ostensibly, this group is here for all three of those. Get you a theme each week, maybe get you an idea of something to do - inspiration. Then, trying to have a deadline and a community all working towards the same goal - motivation to start, and then a reason to persist.

But... I sometimes feel like we're not coming through for you, you know? Like, we do a decent job on getting you something for inspiration, generally, but then... what? Are we helping to motivate you at all? Are we helping to get you to persist to the end of the piece?

If not, what would you like to see? What can we do differently?

After all, this group is for you, everypony. Without you, there's no future.

And I don't know about you, but the future is something I'd like to see - together, with all of you :)

1 StardustXIII (This pony floats among the stars, it's to bad in space there are no bars. - fetchbeer)

2 lennia2005

3 Kampzvono (Being able to control suns would be very beneficial to a space voyager, I imagine - Atlur)

4 RyuuKiba (This is super rad! Just, wow - Atlur)

5 SamuelEAllen

6 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Who wouldn't go with Fluttershy, even without the threat that you would die. - fetchbeer)

7 Goggle Sparks

8 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

9 StardustXIII (Just don't reject this thinking machine, unless in breathing vacuum you are keen. - fetchbeer)

10 fae55 (I'm really liking these modular roboponies. I want one! - Atlur)

11 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (So many sads - Atlur)

12 larrle

13 Philith (Aww, it likes her! - Atlur)

14 peperoger

15 Midnight-Dragon15 (Beware before you to the future travel, for many plans you may unravel. - fetchbeer)

16 fajeh

17 AaronMk

18 AaronMk (I really like how this design came out, very intimidating - Atlur)

19 crystalthehedgehog42

20 MrSevens (On this new planet they find new life, lets hope for peace and not strife. - fetchbeer)

21 FerrousOxideMolecule

22 Trekkie2063 (The description really adds a lot. You put a lot of thought into this - Atlur)

23 Dragonfoorm (She looks so happy! Which makes her seem a bit sinister - Atlur)

24 M4st3rCh1ef (This is fantastic :D - Atlur)

25 Miroslav46

26 Scyphi (Spike always wanted to be a guard, there is no threat he'd disregard. - fetchbeer)

27 Eva-Janova

28 FaithlessRurouni

29 Otterlore (Ray guns are a surefire way to make something seem futuristic - Atlur)

30 RunbowDash

31 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Who new that tiny ponies had this power, though combined they seem quite dour. - fetchbeer)

32 Chromadancer (Nobody would say 'no' to being assimilated by cute ponies - Atlur)

33 TLATopHat (I really like these designs, very sleek - Atlur)

34 lozfoe444

35 Fox-E

36 hip-indeed (But... the future refused to change - Atlur)

37 brokenhero0409 (Those borg surely can not withstand the cute, and surely that flank they will not shoot. - fetchbeer)

38 Acceleron

39 mmadhu94 (There can never be enough pony jedi - Atlur)

40 tg737 (Surely ponies would have wings if they were meant to fly, but who would deny twilight access to the sky? - fetchbeer)

41 GonzaHerMeg (That future nurse outfit is really cool - Atlur)

42 Tunskaa (Yay, Sweetie! Recognize your own potential - Atlur)

43 MoonlightScribe

44 MoonlightScribe (I like both of these alternate takes on the theme. Very clever - Atlur)

45 MoonlightScribe (Even ponies will sometime face extinction of their race, but I'm sure these pastel creatures will fade with grace. - fetchbeer)

46 NME-NRG (I like both of these alternate takes on the theme. Very clever - Atlur)

47 AmbroseButtercrust

48 jaydencurtis (Where can I get one of these for my own, I wonder if anyone would give me a loan... - fetchbeer)

49 Invidlord (Giant mechs are ALWAYS the answer - Atlur)

50 GiantMosquito

51 JimTheCactus (I like your choice of cutie mark - Atlur)

52 FairyBubblePuppy

53 ZeldaTheSwordsman

54 Muffinsforever

55 JeffMartinez

56 Naytree

57 thattagen

58 TerribleTransit

59 dotHamster