Thursday, 29 September 2011

Interview with NikkuWalkanov

Last Saturday a group of us hauled an unsuspecting ATG member into an IRC chat room and interrogated him for a rather lengthy period of time about random things such as art and humanoid ponies. I think it has been reorganized enough that our conversation may actually make sense.

We are going to be trying to do more of these, because they are quite a bit of fun. So keep an eye out!

Check our victim's DA page here!

And for more ATG action, go here!

fetchbeer: Hey there Niki!

lunarapologist: Howdy!

Niki: hey guys :D

fetchbeer: Did I confuse the timezones too badly?

Argembarger: hello niki!

Niki: Maybe a lil :P

Niki: Hey Argem :D

fetchbeer: Thanks for joining us today Niki!

Niki: My pleasure

Argembarger: We're glad you agreed to be our next contestant

Argembarger: Fabulous prizes may or may not be up for grabs

Arcum: I guess it would also depend on what you consider Fabulous...

Niki: Well you guys did blindfold me...I mean anytime guys :D

Argembarger: So here's a generic first question: how long have you been at the arts?

Niki: How long have I been drawing? Well thats a big embarrassing.Lets see, I've been drawing for around 4-5 years now? I'm not really sure. The first 4 years I was drawing only animeish art (my favorite artist is Hyung-tae Kim, the way that guy just amazing!) Then I started drawing more cartoony stuff.

Niki: Woah wall of text

Argembarger: we like walls of text

Argembarger: are you totally self-taught, then?

Niki: I've been mostly self-taught, and I get a bit of help from my sister. The art schools in Bulgaria are a bit...lame. The teachers don't even know what photoshop is. The thing they teach actually ruins artists. It's really sad.

Argembarger: whoa, that sounds pretty unfortunate :(

fetchbeer: Wow, no photoshop! That is pretty behind the times...

Argembarger: Glad you haven't been ruined, at least :_:

Niki: I it was pure luck

Arcum: My college art class teachers didnt even know how to turn on a computer so I am not unfamiliar with this

fetchbeer: What's the general state of pony fandom in Bulgaria? Are there many bronies around over there?

Niki: There are a few here and there. I was cosplaying last sunday in one of those con thingies. So I made a big poster with Derpy on it ,ran around a bit with it. Most of the people just smiled and walked away

Argembarger: I guess they just can't handle the awesome :P

Niki: Only two stopped for a lil chat :D

fetchbeer: It's those eyes! They bore into your soul!

Argembarger: How long did it take you to start drawing ponies after you watched the show? And could you link us to your first-ever pony? :D

Niki: Well I am a artsy person, so drawing what I like was only natural, after the first episode I liked ponies (a lot)

Niki: About the first drawing

Niki: Oh boy

Niki: This is one of my first pony drawings

fetchbeer: Is that a sonic flowerboom?

Niki: Something like that

Niki: I have no idea what I was thinking when making that drawing

Niki: It was done for the ATG btw xD

Argembarger: For comparison, what picture would you say you are most proud of?

Niki: Hmm that's a tough one. Each day I make new drawings that I like more than the last. If I have to choose I guess I would pick my ATG week 13 drawing. It kinda set the mood of how i was feeling when making it :D

Argembarger: this one?

Niki: Oh yes, I just love my sketchy drawings

Argembarger: me too! They almost seem to be moving, sometimes

Niki: I love drawing sketches, I make tons a day

Niki: From ponies to humans

Niki: aliens and other animals

Argembarger: Your cleaner stuff is very nice too, very shiny, almost like plastic

Argembarger: in a good way :P

fetchbeer: Was she drawn in muro like so many of your ponies?

Niki: No Fetchbeer, my muro drawings are only for when I leave a comment. Everything else is done in photoshop.

Arcum: Drawing on the muro is hard

Niki: That muro thing was a bit silly but it was good practice for my tablet

fetchbeer: I'm always surprised at the level of quality you can get out of that silly muro program, I can't get anything to look like anything in it.

Arcum: Yeah my drawings look like a 3 year old finger paints with the muro :P

Niki: I try to draw only with my tablet these days

Argembarger: What tablet do you use?

Niki: Lets see I think its Wacom Graphire 3 (saphire, thats a cool name). Don't worry guys, I can't get that silly muro to work right as well

Niki: I totally did not look it up

Argembarger: what do you consider your strengths and weaknesses as an artist to be?

Niki: I always find it hard to make the line art. I can sketch okayish and I can color a bit. When I try to make the line art my hands stop working or something. They just won't listen and I get a really silly line art, that I can't really work with. That is why I started coloring my sketches directly (I still try to give them a nice line art but fail xD)

Argembarger: I think it's a pretty nice style though :)

Arcum: It does bring more of a stylized look to it

Niki: Yeah but I will never make it as a character design/ story board artist with silly sketches xD

Argembarger: Is that your goal?

Niki: Yeah, I love making drawing of silly characters and stories with them.

Niki: When i was little i used to draw weird lil comics

Argembarger: Do you want to join a particular group or project, or start something of your own?

Niki: I know I still have a lot to learn till I can go pro (work as a artist in a studio) so for now the plan would be to get as much experience as I can. I am even making my portfolio for a local game firm. They are looking for artists at the moment (I know I won't get called for a interview but I guy can dream!) So I am working hard to get in there. It the start of my master plan :P

Argembarger: Good luck! Sounds exciting :D

Niki: Thanks!

fetchbeer: You never know, thy might just call you up :)

Arcum: Is there anything or anyone that really inspires you?

Niki: Well everyone at the ATG inspire me. There are so many young and good artists in that group. Its really such a joy to look at all the drawing they make. I also get my inspiration from cartoons/animes, comics/ mangas and just about anything that has drawings in them. I just love to look at good art :D

fetchbeer: We're just happy to give everyone a theme to do each week! We so enjoy seeing everyones take on it ourselves.

fetchbeer: I find myself inspired every time I flip through what we've received.

Niki: Yeah, each time I take a look at all the drawing I just grab my tablet and start drawing

Niki: So many wonderful ideas

Niki: and so many different styles

fetchbeer: Do you have a favorite pony to draw?

Niki: To draw? I guess that would be Pinkie Pie. Her hair is so much fun to draw and you can make all sorts of funny drawings with her.

fetchbeer: Oh, so you just draw Pinkie Pie then, she does lend herself to silliness quite well, Is another pony your actual favorite?

Niki: I do draw too many Pinkies but my favorite will always be Twilight Sparkle. Right from the first three episodes I kinda could feel the connection between the two of us (silly I know!) I was kinda the same as her, only I was drawing a lot, not reading, also I use sarcasm (maybe a bit too much but who doesn't) and we all know sarcastic Twilight is awesome.

Niki: Plus I sleep with my Twilight toy next to me in bed. Did I just type that?

Niki: You guys will delete that last part from the interview right?

Argembarger: nope

Argembarger: dot a-v-i

fetchbeer: :)

fetchbeer: we think it's adorable to sleep with little twilight :)

Argembarger: Is it hard for you to come up with ideas? Do you usually have a good idea in your head when you go to start drawing, or do you sort of form it as you sketch?

Niki: Well that depends on what I'm drawing and for who. That’s the best part of the ATG, the ideas come to you. Almost every time i see the week's theme I get an idea of what I will draw. Then that idea goes through a lot of changes. If I'm drawing for myself I just doodle till I get an idea of what I will draw, usually takes a few sketches to get there. Most of the fun stuff comes when I do my morning warm up drawings (you know like a warm up before exercise).

Argembarger: warm up drawings... haha, good idea, time to steal it :P

Niki: I usually get some interesting results then, when my brain is still asleep xD

fetchbeer: sleep drawing would provide interesting results I would think.

Niki: I make more mistakes than I would like but I can show you one of those if you guys want

fetchbeer: please do

Argembarger: sure!

Arcum: That would be interesting

Niki: Wish I had time to fix it up a bit but here goes.

The more I look at it the more mistakes i find.

Niki: Discord Twilight, all broken up

Niki: Because her friends left her

Argembarger: I kinda like it :D

Argembarger: but it's always good to be your own critic

Arcum: I like it

fetchbeer: that is a pretty awesome sketch.

Niki: I guess for a warm up its okay.

fetchbeer: Do you have a favorite piece you'd like to show off with the interview?

Niki: I still can't believe I made that Cheerilee drawing all those years ago May 2011 xD

fetchbeer: he he

Arcum: lol

Niki: Favorite no, but I made a antro (is that how you spell it) sketch of twilight yesterday for you guys and i never got the chance to show it xD

fetchbeer: show us then!

Arcum: We have time

Niki: But maybe thats a good thing as I see I messed up on the hands a bit.Oopsie

Niki: this is actually my first time drawing a human with my tablet

fetchbeer: we all confuse anatomy here

Niki: not just anatomy, I messed up the pose, legs head, neck...did I get anything right? xD

Arcum: Its all better than what I can do :P

Niki: Sometimes i miss my animeish drawing days

Argembarger: you got the horn right

Niki: awww yeah

fetchbeer: she looks pretty good to me :) I wouldn't mind seeing her finished.

Niki: I really should

Niki: But that means I have to redo the whole thing xD

fetchbeer: :p

fetchbeer: It's about time that we wrap this up, so that you can get back to your Saturday night, but we have one more question.

fetchbeer: Do you have any advice that you would give to other aspiring artists?

Niki: I think I'll keep it simple.

Niki: Guys don't be afraid to fall, falling is part of the learning process. ;)

fetchbeer: That it is, and being afraid of failure makes you afraid to progress :)

Niki: Indeed

fetchbeer: Thanks for coming by to chat with us Niki!

Argembarger: yeah, thanks a lot! hope it went well for you :D

Niki: It was fun! (and a bit embarrassing :P)

fetchbeer: I hope not to embarrassing :)

Niki: Not really but I wish I could have shown you guys some of my better stuff lol

Arcum: I enjoyed what you showed

Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 13

Well howdy, everypony! And welcome to your wrap-up for Week 13!

I have to admit, it's kinda nice not to be writing one of these while late on a Sunday night, staring down the barrel of Monday morning, hammering it out to be posted on time. Kind of relaxing, you know? Easier to write. :)

But that's not what you're here for, is it? No sir, you drew confused ponies (79 of them, this week!); and by Celestia, you wanna see some confused ponies! Especially since you've been made to wait most of a day while we got this organized for you.

Well, I don't blame you! The magnificent results of your hard work can be found below the break - go, and look upon them! Lunar ramblings are all that follow from here, and I will not be offended in the slightest if you decide to skip them.

(But you may think about at least giving them a quick once-over. I promise I've only got good things to say). ;)

So, with this week, we've officially been at this for three months. And those who've been in this since the NATG have reached four.

And I tell you what, it's been quite a ride so far.

In that time, I've seen all of you join up; some with more polished skills than others. But all of us shared something - we were newbies to drawing those adorable ponies that we'd come to love, and we'd all come here willing to learn.

And day after day, week after week, I've seen you all struggle and grow as artists. Getting faster, more confident. As you grasped hold of the basics, your own styles began to emerge and grow; each one unique, each one bringing something a little different to the table.

And it has been amazing.

I'm so proud of all of you! I proud that, week after week, you make the effort. I'm proud that you're all still trying to grow. I'm proud to see what you've all accomplished in what sounds like a long time - yet you all have helped it flash by in the blink of an eye.

I'm proud to be part of this community, and to have you all here with me. :)

Well done, everypony.

I'm excited to see where you go in the months to come - and I know I won't be disappointed. :)

1 TheParagon (Poor Trixie :( -Lunar Apologist)

2 FoxOFWar

3 UnderwaterPony (A CUPCAKE instead? The fiend! -Lunar Apologist)

4 UltraFamicom

5 JimTheCactus (And then Spike was no longer the #1 assistant. - Arcum)

6 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Love the expression! -Lunar Apologist)

7 ErgoCogito

8 NikkuWalkanov (I want to give her a hug and make everything all better - Atlur)

9 SamuelEAllen (Of course Derpy the chaos would understand, to deal with her discord had not planned. - fetchbeer)

10 SportaTiffany (Always good to try out new poses - Atlur)

11 ElGatoRapido (Some really detailed hair you've got there! I like it :) -Lunar Apologist)

12 hanswurst10 (Though by something Twilight seems quite concerned, her worries are not shared by Applejack the liar turned. - fetchbeer)

13 NotAPonyUsername (She keeps some odd company - Atlur)

14 ErgoCogito

15 JunaECBS (Fluttershy has a hidden fury, which discord used to make her a bully. - fetchbeer)

16 RydelFox (This... is a very good question! -Lunar Apologist)

17 Errick

18 GiantMosquito (Spike has been dumped for a boulder, he could use a sympathetic shoulder. - fetchbeer)

19 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

20 BrainDps (She's been staring at two things far two long, when she sees just on somethings wrong. - fetchbeer)

21 ThisNameIsNotProfane

22 hanswurst10 (I wish we did get to see Rarity's first reaction to Tom being a boulder. - Arcum)

23 DI-FL (This pony seems disturbed by her dreams, as she sleeps she still hears screams. - fetchbeer)

24 Alipes (Don't eat that, Derpy! D: -Lunar Apologist)

25 TheMellowSide

26 JunaECBS (I always loved these. - Arcum)

27 041744 (Applejack keeps going by, as she shrinks away into her own eye. - fetchbeer)

28 brokenhero0409 (Is... is this implying what I think it is? ;) -Lunar Apologist)

29 Rhanoa (I'd not considered that, and it is an adorable idea - Atlur)

30 Otterlore (Derpy is strange when she looks straight ahead, and those underped eyes the others dread. - fetchbeer)

31 larrle

32 NotAPonyUsername

33 RyuuKiba (This pony with her alignment shifted, lets hope the change is not soon lifted. - fetchbeer)

34 MoonlightScribe

35 MoonlightScribe

36 MoonlightScribe (Poor Carrot Top does look confused, by Derpy's antics is she amused? - fetchbeer)

37 necrodios

38 hip-indeed

39 Whispatchet (This pony seems stuck in a foreign land, their trip it seems was not well planned. - fetchbeer)

40 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

41 AmbroseButtercrust (Where did this even come from? - Arcum)

42 Invidlord (I hope this sign his resurrection will deter, for I wouldn't want him again to stir. - fetchbeer)

43 Goggle Sparks

44 Philith

45 Atlur (What has startled poor little Twilight, did some pony come falling through her skylight? - fetchbeer)

46 first14

47 NME-NRG (Twilight is so cute in that style - Atlur)

48 FoxOFWar (When she see's the symbol she comes so quick, so those evil villains she can kick! - fetchbeer)

49 PineappleSam (I don't see chalk board ponies that often. I wish I saw more actually. - Arcum)

50 tg737

51 Argembarger (How did that pony get in that bowl, she must be secretly part mole. - fetchbeer)

52 DarkKnightWolf2011

53 Jdan-S ( I wub woo? Maybe? - Arcum)

54 Easteu (No longer will AJ be quite so aloof, she'll rule Equestria with an iron hoof! - fetchbeer)

55 NotAPonyUsername

56 yeld (Heck yeah Protoss! They would probably get along well with unicorns - Atlur)

57 SportaTiffany (Look into this ponies spiraling eyes, it won't take long for her to hypnotize.- fetchbeer)

58 demented-Mr-Paulsen (As long as Twilight doesn't turn around her idea of physics will stay in tact. - Arcum)

59 Sir-Dangereaux (This reminds me of Samurai Jack's intro! I can has Samurai Derpy spinoff? -Lunar Apologist)

60 Amehdaus (This pony has been transformed by a can of paint, though as a princess she has found restraint! - fetchbeer)

61 bluefiresword (Yeah My brain kinda derped after seeing that too. -Arcum)

62 RiokennG3 (Muffins all across the sky! - Atlur)

63 DarkKnightWolf2011

64 NME-NRG (I am just as confused as you are Derpy. - Arcum)

65 JeffMartinez

66 Naytree

67 LeafGrowth (Whoever wins, we lose - Atlur)


69 Chromadancer (This makes me wonder how long Applejack's nose would have been by the end of the seconds episode. - Arcum)

70 Delta-Pangaea (Yeah this seems like something that would happen in the IRC chat. - Arcum)

71 Wolferahm (The banjo? Are you mad!? - Arcum)

72 RaspleZS

73 Prismatic-Pretzel (Derpy's wings are muffin powered, I'd run from them for I am a coward. - fetchbeer)

74 TerribleTransit (I'm glad I never got a class like that. I wonder what the parents thought of those teaching methods. - Arcum)

75 Fox-E

76 thattagen (I wouldn't want to see that in a dark alleyway or ever in person. - Arcum)

77 Muffinsforever (Oh my! - Atlur)

78 ikillyou121 (I really like how well drawn the environment is here. - Arcum)

79 paulinaghost (So many questions. And I doubt the poor guy will ever get answers :( -Lunar Apologist)