Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week 100 Wrap Up








01. AmbroseButtercrust
Featuring Drakeven's Roger Houston!

In space nopony can hear you scream, but you get to eat freeze dried ice cream! - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash

03. StarDustCz
Prepare for an EPIC adventure.

Rainbow Dash is quite awed, to be surrounded by such a squad! - fetchbeer

04. dorkas
not my best work ( not that much theme accurate ), but hey ! i still ike it!

05. TwinQuasars

To be saved by this tiny filly, some ponies find this rather silly! - fetchbeer

06. muffinexplosion

07. Moones95
Nightmare Moon

A giant pony flys through space, coming back from their ancient disgrace. - fetchbeer

08. dorkas
this one should be more up to the theme !

09. DAbestpony

Flying fast enough to create a burst of light, causing quite a little panic and fright! - fetchbeer

10. hip-indeed

11. ScuriLevenstein

By the record label she's been told, to make her lyrics much more bold. - fetchbeer

12. Heireau
look at the leaves fwooshfwoosh she hit a tree

13. Hazzdawg

Please don't shoot that gun again, I think it rather scorched my mane! - fetchbeer

14. UnlicensedBrony

15. GoggleSparks

I wouldn't have believed a kick could a planet brake, but I just felt the ground shake! - fetchbeer

16. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

17. phallen1
Happy 100, ATG Alumni!

Twilight fears her fans reactions, all because of a nameless company's actions! - fetchbeer

18. gvimblade

19. Philith

Spike is lucky to have grown so large, how many gems does he eat to recharge? - fetchbeer

20. Delta Pangaea
Best Pony.

21. BrokenHero0409

22. Scyphi

23. Invidlord
The Apple Patriot.

With apples she'll knock upon your door, and her polite knocking you can't ignore. - fetchbeer

24. A Brony Account
Inspired by Issue #4 of the IDW comic!

25. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 99 Wrap Up

Hey, everypony!  Welcome to this week's wrap up; I hope you all found it as relaxing and nice to do these as I felt looking at them.  While it was initially just a companion theme to the last theme, I'm actually kinda glad that it was what we ended up going with.  Some peaceful and safe ponies are sorta what I needed this week.

And since we're coming up on some major milestones, here, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you.  Thanks for keeping this group going, even if it's not as busy as its heyday anymore.  But hey!  That's how things go, and the fact that we're keepin' on as we are is remarkable.  You all are great!

Now, let's all sit back, relax, and take a gander at some very peaceful ponies.

Gallery for Week 99

01. dorkas
the best way to spend a peaceful afternoon ? with the one you love of course

02. TwinQuasars

03. ScuriLevenstein

By the on screen kiss he's been distracted, at least to his head the ball was not attracted! - fetchbeer

04. GeminiShadows

05. Baisre

Sometimes you just want to be alone with trees, at least if their pollen doesn't make you sneeze. - fetchbeer

06. Cobralash
Hush now, quiet now!

07. Schnee
Didn't have time for anything last week, but now I'm back in the saddle. What's more peaceful than a snoozing pony?

Clouds must be so fluffy and soft, if only to sleep I could stay aloft! - fetchbeer

08. Hazzdawg
Everypony needs a safe place!

09. Moones95

Sometimes you need a friend to guide the way, a good friend will seldom cause dismay. - fetchbeer

10. DAbestpony
Peaceful, calming magic.

11. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

This safe makes me rather wary, I find the idea of that open maw quite scary! - fetchbeer

12. GoggleSparks

13. hip-indeed

Sleeping in a floating bubble, surely this filly will avoid trouble. - fetchbeer

14. UnlicensedBrony
I'd like some advice on fixing the pose, please!

15. Philith

Sometimes you just want to play with a loved pet, to let them run and break a sweat! - fetchbeer

16. GeminiShadows

17. Invidlord

18. AmbroseButtercrust

19. A Brony Account

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 98 Wrap Up

Heya, everypony!  Lunar here again, and it's good to be back.  I missed you guys!  But, you know, things came up and I wasn't able to do things here (and I won't lie; I needed the break).  And I know you were in the capable, metal hooves of Trix, so I wasn't too worried!

(He overlords a bit, but he's a big softie on the inside.  Don't tell him I told you!)

I mean, sure, he put you all in danger, but I don't think it was ever meant you be, you know... Danger-danger.  Just... mild peril.  A little something to get the blood flowing, get that adrenaline going a little.  It's good for you!  Er... I think.

Well, be that as it may!  The point is, I don't think anypony was seriously harmed by the minor jeopardy your ponies were put in, so everything's going to be okay!

I think.


Please, let there be no impending reckless endangerment lawsuits...

So, yeah!  Why don't we get on with the ponies, eh?  To adventure!

01. TwinQuasars
"Wake up in the morning with a dose of Danger O's!"

Every morning starts the same, with a bowl of cereal, never plain. - fetchbeer

02. StarDustCz

03. OtterMatt
Anypony got a cure moderate wounds prepped?

It seems you have passed your trial, now if only you could find that vial! - fetchbeer

04. Moones95

05. dorkas
the most dangerous thing aren't always the one you think

You should be very scared, for vengeance your sibling has declared! - fetchbeer

06. GoggleSparks

07. ScuriLevenstein

You should always beware of a train's hoot, especially if you've been turned into a fruit. - fetchbeer

08. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

09. Maddog10_20
Open Heart sincerely regrets her acceptance to attend the Opera with the strange hansom stallion.

Watch out when you promise to come to the opera, for you're date may try to cause some drama! - fetchbeer

10. Maddog10_20

11. Philith

Do not idly ogle the royal flank, or you may be divested of your rank! - fetchbeer

12. DAbestpony
What if your baby brother accidentally shrank you?

13. dorkas
maybe a bit less polished, but it's here anyway !

14. Cobralash

A tiger is quite a thing to find, and to run I'd be quite inclined! - fetchbeer

15. hip-indeed

16. Invidlord

Twilight's magic lights the dark, though those monsters may been awoken by the tiny spark. - fetchbeer

17. phallen1

18. Delta Pangaea

Some ponies face a more philosophical fate, and weird quandaries like to state. - fetchbeer

19. ZeldaTheSwordsman

20. JeffMartinez
The dangers of the last minute Mother's Day gift.

21. Snapai
When I heard the topic for the ATG was "A Pony in Danger/A Perilous Pony" - I immediately thought "Alright then- let's. get. dangerous" - which immediately queued up the Darkwing Duck theme in my head - and if DW makes me think of anything, it's Mare Do Well, and Sibsy. So have some MDW/Darkwing Wildfire. :p