Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 131 Wrap Up

With Hearth's Warming Eve behind us, I hope everypony had a safe and happy holiday going into the brand new year!  May it be one full of Love, Light, and Artistic Inspiration.

And with the bells ringing in the new year, the ponies who serve the most valiant of causes all raise a hoof, shouting as one "For The Light!"  From noble Paladins of the highest order, coming to bring the judgement of their faith down upon the wicked, or the sheperds of the flock who selflessly work to heal those in need.  Warrior Monks, Disciplined Priests, White Mages, Battle Clerics or Jedi Knights, all answer the call of Light and the divine.

And so have you answered this call too.  Not to do battle, but to raise your pens, pencils, and digital stylus' to arms, and to capture these ponies who selflessly serve not for themselves, but for all.  Hail the Sun goddess.  Glory to the Light.  And May the Force be with you!

Look towards the Light, for its shine will only blind those of impure heart.  Bask in its radiance, and let it fill you with courage of heart, strength of spirit, and expansion of mind.  And fear not the dark, or the creatures that dwell within.

Let the ponies who stand against those of ill intent guide you, and view them below, portrayed in epic art worthy of their stature as heroes of the realms:

01. Cobralash

Be aware of giant snakes, for fighting them may cause mistakes. ~ fetchbeer

02. Hazzdawg
I will keep her safe within my heart and you shall never take her.

03. HalflingPony
Priestess of the Order of the Sacred Light

Every cleric knows turn undead, and from them those evil creatures fled! ~ fetchbeer

04. ImpCJCaesar
Uhm... this is my first upload... the uploader is telling me that I'm late. Oh well, sorry guys. I hope you'll manage to sneak this in. Thanks!

05. Kuto

Holy warriors on a quest, doing what they do best. ~ fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. toadstooliv
it says no theme here but the deadline is tonight so i'm still submitting

Our hero hopes nothing goes awry, for never have the stakes been so high! ~ fetchbeer

08. Philith

09. dredaich

Clawed boots and a shiny mail, this pony is ready for the trail. ~ fetchbeer

10. AbysmalAegis
Justice demands retribution!

11. A Brony Account

Standing firm against the evil cloud, in subjugation this pony has never bowed. ~ fetchbeer

12. GeminiShadows

They are, after all, on a mission from God. ~ Invidlord

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week 130 Wrap Up

Evenin', everypony!  Gather 'round, gather 'round!  It's time once again for Old Man Lunar's Mad Ramblin's and Other Nonsensical Stories and General Stream of Consciousness Writing!

Otherwise known as the wrap up.  BUT WHATEVER.

Soooo... aliens, huh?  You know, as a kid, I was actually quite obsessed with UFOs and aliens and all that jazz.  Knew all about the different grades of Close Encounters, knew of the major sightings, all the supposed kinds of aliens that people claimed they'd seen.

I don't even know that I really believed any of it - but, as the X-Files tagline goes, I want to believe, I think!  It's nicer to believe that we're not alone in this vast universe of ours, that there are other intelligent species out there!

...Even if they are just coming here to mess with drunk rednecks and dismember some cows.

(What's funny is that most people take this as proof that they don't exist.  After all, what intelligent being would come all the way across the cosmos to do that kind of stuff?  But admit it; that is exactly the kind of thing we'd do if we could.  The intellectual community likes to pretend that we wouldn't, that Mankind is nobler than that, and so advanced aliens would be even more so.  But I think we all know better).

So, next time you look up at the starry night, keep an open mind and an eye out - maybe they're out there to see!  And until then... let's look at some ponies and aliens, shall we?

01. Kuto

I can't help but feel that the Doctor is going to be very cross when he finds out what's happened to the TARDIS.

02. AaronMk


03. ScuriLevenstein

...I think I can't blame AJ for being a bit horrified, there.

04. Philith


05. HalflingPony
Spacemare Spiffaloo, interplanetary explorer and defender of Equestria!

ahaha, this is completely amazing! Well done! :D

06. dredaich

Where's Jim Raynor when you need him?

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week 129 Wrap Up

Greetings, everypony, and welcome to the wrap up!

Tonight, our theme was quite the literary one, and one that I'm fond of!  See, book fan-art has always had a special place for me.  Because all there is to go on is the description of the author and your own ability to imagine what they're describing, you can end up with so many incredibly different interpretations of a character or setting or scene!  And here's the great thing - all of them are technically correct.

It's true!  Maybe what you've imagined and drawn is different from what the author had in mind.  Maybe yours is different from what some big-name illustrator or designer came up with for the same book.  No matter!  If you're drawing from what you imagined while reading that book, you can't really be wrong!  After all, there is no visual canon for most books.  If the author wanted you to imagine it exactly as they did, they're in the wrong line of work.  There's so much ambiguity in the written word; so many nuances and shades of meaning that may be interpreted differently or lost.  And an author that spends time describing everything so exactly is going to be boring to read.  So, like it or not, your own imagination is what rules the day when it comes to books!

Which is where seeing those interpretations getting filtered through yet another lens of the imagination - that of what you imagine in the book to what it might look like ponified - is really interesting!  So let's see what you've all managed to come up with this week after your literary pony double-filtration!

01. Scyphi

Whatever brings a ship up here, in everypony causes fear! ~ fetchbeer

02. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback is appreciated.

03. Goggle Sparks

Such mysterious symbols here, to find their meaning do you dare? ~ fetchbeer

04. MrJuneWolf

05. ScuriLevenstein

A scrap of blanket and a tuft of fur, do these remind you of childhood's blur? ~ fetchbeer

06. Philith

07. A Brony Account

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Week 128 Wrap Up

The Moon.

Sad excuse for a sunrise. 
It's so cold out here.
Ice and silence and dark skies. 
As we go round another year.
 Let them think what they like, we're fine. 
I will always be right here next to you.

What dwells within the dark of perpetual night?  A terrifying and silent sea of nothingness, the woes of tidal locking ensuring that the moon's perpetual gaze is ever upon us.  Did Princess Celestia do this so that Nightmare Moon would ever be able to look down in envy and rue her crimes?  Or was it an act of sorrow, so that Celestia would always be able to look upon her dear sister and remember what she has lost?

Whatever the reason, the Dark side of the moon was never to look upon this sphere again. Eternally locked to watch out into the stars, and see the universe go by, everything save the small blue planet it was destined to share the sky with.  And whatever lies within that world cursed and yet blessed with the horror and beauty of an eternal night sky yet remains, unexplored, unseen, and unknown... until now!

You intrepid artists have braved the cold and the darkness to reveal to us just what exists out there, dwelling, waiting.  Whether to focus upon the The Princess of the Night, the Sciences of Space, or maybe Fetchbeer just slipped another pun for butts in as the theme... err... Wait a minute... hmm.  Well then.  I guess we know where this one falls.  So I suppose all that's left to do is turn the other cheek, and say:

"That's no Moon... it's the Weekly Wrap up..."

Gallery for Week 128

01. Scyphi

This could totally be an album cover or something! I like it! :D -Lunar

02. HalflingPony
If I stretched this prompt any further, it would snap with enough force to penetrate 6" steel plate...

I'm not quite sure what's going on here and it's driving me CRAZY!

Get it? Crazy? No? Okay, moving on. -Lunar

03. F00Fdramon

Ah, hiding in the umbra, I see! -Lunar

04. ScuriLevenstein

Took me a while to get this one, but I like it! ...At least, I *think* I got it! -Lunar

05. dredaich

Poor bored Luna :( -Lunar

06. GeminiShadows

This is impressively cool looking, and the lighting is amazing! Really well done! :D -Lunar

07. dorkas

SO dark. -Lunar

08. Schluberlubs

haha, yesssss XD -Lunar

09. ForwardBias (JimTheCactus)

Wake up, sleepy students! This stuff is interesting! :D -Lunar

10. A Brony Account

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 127 Wrap Up

Well, it seems that another week has come and gone, which means it's time once again for a Weekly Wrap Up.  This week, we've got some absolutely brilliant images of medical ponies to show off.

Whether you're injured, sick, or just looking for a dock tour, there's somepony out there ready to help out.  These are ponies that truly care about the needs of others, and show it every time they're on the job.  And of course, we've also got a couple of Doctors here who frequently assist others in a more, shall I say, timely manner?

But I digress.  I think it's time to end this little soliloquy because, well... I'm a doctor, not a monologist. So, let's take a look at this week's creations.  Come on now, allons-y!

Gallery for Week 100

01. GoggleSparks

This pony seems to be in need of a helping hoof, maybe at this time the should be less aloof. ~ fetchbeer

02. Anabiyeni
The only MLP nurse I know is the shapeshifter from Escape from Katrina, so I created a new one.

03. sixhorsepower

All of time this pony observes, though what he sees quite unnerves. ~ fetchbeer

05. areyesram
I had done this already. Does it count?

A bloody nose and grisly scrapes, from this no action pony soon escapes. ~ fetchbeer

06. HalflingPony

07. Schluberlubs

I hear a pony in dire need, and soon I will fix what makes them bleed. ~ fetchbeer

08. ScuriLevenstein

09. Dale W L
Even the toughest of ponies need a helping hoof every once and awhile, Even if the don't like to admit it.

This pony haunts my dreams at night, but still to doctors they are polite. ~ fetchbeer

10. stuhp

11. Philith

12. A Brony Account
That's Flonkunsteen!

13. ForwardBias

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 126 Wrap Up

Danger, danger!
High voltage!
When we touch!
When we kiss!

Heya, everypony!   It's time to throw the switch on this week's wrap up, and give it some juice!

Alright, alright, I promise to keep the power-puns to a minimum.  Nor will I talk about the fire in the disco, or the fire in the Taco Bell.  And also, despite assurances about puns, I make absolutely zero promises about making references.

Anyway, power!  I'm actually not sure where to go on this one; a dissertation of interpersonal power dynamics?  An essay on influence?  Discussing politics?  Ruminations on electrodynamic properties of matter?  Talking to you about small living spaces and SUPREME COSMIC POWER?

The problem with that is few of those subjects are particularly electrifying to talk about!  And that's to say nothing of powerlessness!  Yet a see a number of you decided to explore that side of it - that inability to change or do anything, stripped of choice.  Very heavy subject matter, and a difficult one to tackle.  But you did, and did it well, I think!

Not to say I didn't like your ponies wielding power, of the supreme executive type that's derived from a mandate from the masses or otherwise!  It's fun to see all your powerful ponies, showing off what they're made of!

And I should probably stop talking about it and just get on with letting you look at them, huh?  Well, then, let's get this thing powered up!

01. Blue Wolf

If you want to make a princess quite forlorn, simply place a ring upon her horn. - fetchbeer

02. Norque

A morning cup of coffee is a good way to power up for the day.
- Jezendar

03. Alpha Zeron

To be a chicken this pony is forever cursed, but will this spell ever be reversed? - fetchbeer

05. BluestreakFUS

Floating as your magic is slowly sapped, but how has this pony become trapped? - fetchbeer

07. Alpha Zeron

The Power of Love may be too strong for the current magic enviroment. We may need to nerf this. - Jezendar

08. stuhp
If the background comes up black in the blog, it's 'cause it's transparent. Sowwy~

What has this pony frightened so? Or is it better not to know? - fetchbeer

09. GoggleSparks

This particular power must leave her opponent feeling quite powerless. - Jezendar

10. ScuriLevenstein

Beware of Pinkie's special presents, for she saves those for fun events. - fetchbeer

11. Ryojo

12. AaronMk
"Related sort of or something to a CK2 mod project I'm in. All hail the Empress of the Changelings. Lord of Changelings dejure. Master of shapes and form. And pillows."

Do pillows sap her changeling power, or does she choose to rest in this soft tower? - fetchbeer

13. Philith
Attention duelists. My hair is being assaulted.

14. Scarlet Twinkle

To have banished your sister to the moon, requires many a trip to the saloon. - fetchbeer

15. ZeldaTheSwordsman
He's got a blaster rifle and really good training. That's power.

The Force may not be strong with this one, but the power of his energy weapon will make up for that! - Jezendar

16. HalflingPony
Daddy, Wake Up... please...

To lose a loved one is an awful thing, and only time will dull this wound's sting. - fetchbeer