Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 22

Howdy ponies! Looks like another week wrapped up! We've got 47 pictures with magical flowers, it looks like. Keep it up, everypony!

I could use a magic flower myself, I'm feeling a bit out of it right how. Feverish and lightheaded. So I'm going to keep this short and just let you all get to the pictures. There are some really great ones this week!

1 hip-indeed (The happiest firepony ever - Atlur)

2 Philith (Hopefully she never maxes out her smithing skill, or Spike may be in for some more trouble - Atlur)

3 Ailynd (Fluttershy discovers beauty in the gloom, what a strange place to find a pretty bloom. - fetchbeer)

4 AmbroseButtercrust (Twilight Flower is my favorite - Atlur)

5 FerrousOxideMolecule (If you can't find it, make it. You're crafty, I like it - Atlur)

6 SkyheartArrow (Surely even a giant flower could cause no harm, indeed the larger ones have so much charm! - fetchbeer)

7 DrSyke (The LyraBon makes me smile - Atlur)

8 RydelFox (Oh dear, we may need to call a plumber - Atlur)

9 Cynos-Zilla (Luna flower keeps her company on this tiny moon, upon which her tyrant sister did maroon. - fetchbeer)

10 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

11 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Probably not the best idea to add random plants to your baking - Atlur)

12 demented-Mr-Paulsen (Oh my D: - Atlur)

13 G-DO-29--Anagram

14 OzAngel

15 Goggle Sparks (A tiny pony dangles from a rope, for she thinks that flower will bring her hope. - fetchbeer)

16 JimTheCactus (ooh, I like the way this turned out - Atlur)

17 SamuelEAllen (Fluttershy is best flower - Atlur)

18 UnicornSketch (I know well the pressures that come from to much rhyme, and to make them up just takes so much time! - fetchbeer)

19 Yuralria

20 MaxAyson

21 pinkie-pie-ninja (These two ponies a lucky clover found, but if the doctor is here danger must abound. - fetchbeer)

22 larrle (His expression makes me worry that we are no longer safe - Atlur)

23 brokenhero0409 (But it makes sounds! How can you say no to that? - Atlur)

24 GiantMosquito (I must have taken some strange drug, but this caterpillar pony I still must hug. - fetchbeer)

25 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

26 Invidlord (Must be a family reunion - Atlur)

27 TerribleTransit (Pinkie Pie has found a magic sack, which she uses in making a tasty snack. - fetchbeer)

28 RunbowDash

29 MoonlightScribe (Now she will be able to make even more amazing fireworks! - Atlur)

30 MoonlightScribe

31 LegoAhsoka111 (Great take on Beauty and the Beast, I like it - Atlur)

32 Easteu (Ooh, that is a pretty flower. I love the colors - Atlur)

33 DarkKnightWolf2011

34 AmbroseButtercrust (Why is it that I haven't tried this brew? Which from a flower got it's hue. - fetchbeer)

35 FoxOFWar

36 NME-NRG (Surely she realizes that's no flower, but soon that muffin she is sure to devour. - fetchbeer)

37 Delta-Pangaea (Aww, I just want to help her - Atlur)

38 Acceleron (Sooooo cute - Atlur)

39 LeafGrowth (I always knew that pony was up to something - Atlur)

40 ArcheonZ

41 ZeldaTheSwordsman

42 CocoaNutCakery

43 Naytree (Ta-daa~! - Atlur)

44 Muffinsforever

45 Fox-E

46 Prismatic-Pretzel

47 Thattagen

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekly Wrap Up 21

Hooray! We've come to the end of a another week at last!

And what a week this was! While it was solid, it wasn't one of our best ones in terms of numbers... but I think it made up for it in terms of quality. I feel this week brought us some of the more interesting and emotionally powerful entries we've seen in a while. Possibly some of the best in that regard since we started this group! (And some very silly ones as well, which are always appreciated). :)

Excellently done, everypony.

And I know ordinarily I ramble about something related to the theme here before getting into the actual pictures, but... my greatest fears are boring and largely existential, and I feel like nopony wants to be brought down by reading about them! So... let's get on with the pictures!

1 Chromadancer (Poor Kits! -Lunar)

2 FerrousOxideMolecule (This is... interesting and pretty creepy - nice work! -Lunar)


4 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

5 Otterlore (She certainly seems like a nicer dragon than most - Atlur)

6 SamuelEAllen

7 SkyheartArrow

8 necrodios (This shadow seems to have come to alive, and to scare Fluttershy it does contrive! - fetchbeer)

9 DrSyke

10 hip-indeed (Love the idea, and Pokey's thought bubble is adorable - Atlur)

11 FoxOfWar

12 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (How did Dash get stuck in Twilight's eye? Stuck in there she can not fly! - fetchbeer)

13 GoggleSparks

14 DrSyke

15 matrix541 (So many books! Also, nice first entry - Atlur)
Flash - Click to View

16 Philith

17 AmbroseButtercrust (I know that feeling all too well - Atlur)

18 RunbowDash (Again poor Dash seems to have failed the test, let us hope over this she is not to depressed. - fetchbeer)

19 RydelFox (I would certainly hate to disappoint my mentor and sun goddess as well - Atlur)

20 MoonlightScribe

21 Scyphi (Wow, you really did go all out! And Discord is definitely worth fearing - Atlur)

22 pinkie-pie-ninja (Poor Pinkie in a padded room locked away, in this cell I hope she does not stay! - fetchbeer)

23 MoonlightScribe

24 MoonlightScribe

25 RiokennG3

26 brokenhero0409 (I always feel so bad for that pony, he can't seem to catch a break - Atlur)

27 Acceleron (A muffin made of chips and worms, with this snack Pinkie has yet to come to terms. - fetchbeer)

28 LeafGrowth (He is all about the theatrics and symbolism, I could see him doing this - Atlur)


30 GiantMosquito (So many ponies fear rule sixty three, but that ending I for one did not foresee. - fetchbeer)

31 ZeldaTheSwordsman

32 Invidlord (It would be scary to have so much power, especially until you learned how to control it - Atlur)

33 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (The nametags just make it so much lonlier :( - Atlur)

34 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Poor Applejack confronted by a giant fruit, that pineapple looks to be quite a brute! - fetchbeer)

35 TerribleTransit (Wow, that was really touching - Atlur)

36 PrincessofDestiny114

37 larrle (Her careful styling about to be undone, any other pony would think this fun! - fetchbeer)

38 demented-Mr-Paulsen

39 JeffMartinez (That would be a scary world to live in - Atlur)

40 RaspleZS (Poor Rarity in dreams slaughtered, I'll admit at the thought my eyes watered. - fetchbeer)

41 Prismatic-Pretzel

42 Cynos-Zilla

43 Delta-Pangaea

44 Fetchbeer (This is my greatest fear, seeing a friend like this - Atlur)

45 brongaar

46 UnicornSketch (Who would have thought that pie would cause such vivid dreams, even from here I think I could hear her screams. - fetchbeer)

47 thattagen

48 Easteu (Truly a terrifying scenario - Atlur)

49 Muffinsforever (Oh noes broccoli! - Atlur)

50 sbshouseofpancakes (HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS BEFORE? -Lunar)

51 NightOfAccordionSax (All the :( for Pinkie -Lunar)

52 CocoaNutCakery

53 Fox-E (And Kits gets sweet revenge for the first entry :) -Lunar)