Sunday, 15 February 2015

Week 190 Wrap Up

I got it! Can you believe it? I got my big break! I've finally managed to get into the Merchant's Guild, and thus have fulfilled my dream of becoming a street merchant! And look at this: A merchant's stall filled with all manner of ju... err, rare priceless treasures! Why, just take a look at this exquisite crystal chalice. Made from the finest Northern Crystal, it's scintillating, luminous, and guaranteed never to break! *kish*

Well, what do you know. It broke. Hmm, perhaps that guy who makes those chicken mosaics would be interested in these shards...

Oh, right. You're still here, my lovely customer-to-be! And we can't ignore the customer, now can we? Perhaps we can find something else here that would intrigue you... *shuffles through his wares*

Ah, now here's something of true value: an art book! And not just any art book, mind you, but one focused on those who, much like myself, have had their big break. But don't just take my word for it, feel free to take a look for yourself:

Gallery for Week 163

01. Speedy526745

A volcanic sauna to relax, although the safety is a little lax. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

what has this pony come to stalk?Or is she looking for a new rock? - fetchbeer

03. Vaser888

Looking down so far from the moon, the height alone could make you swoon. - fetchbeer

04. Philith
I could have gone meta and drawn almost anything what with taking a big break from drawing and all; but I didn't.

What horror it is to end up with hands, lets hope she didn't have any hoofed plans. - fetchbeer

05. A Brony Account

Never do things because they're cool, or you'll end up just a fool. - fetchbeer

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