Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 195 Wrap Up

One, two, one, two, work those pecs! We've put on a fair bit of weight from all that food we've eaten over the past few weeks, and it's time to work it off! So drop and give me twenty!

Wait, sorry about that. I shouldn't be yelling at ponies like that; I'm a gym instructor, not a drill sergeant! I'm not a doctor either, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, we're here to work out, so let's get to it! Work that body, work that body, make sure you don't hurt nobody! Hmm... aren't those song lyrics or something?

Well, no matter. Everypony's doing whichever exercise they prefer, whether that be lifting weights, jumping rope, using a treadmill, or what have you. Just take a look around the gym and see for yourself. Perhaps you'll find the form of exercise that would work best for you.

And don't forget to breathe! You'd be surprised how often ponies actually forget to do that.

Gallery for Week 168

01. Speedy526745

It's hard to jump with someone on your back, especially if there's a rope you have to track. - fetchbeer

02. Paradoxical
This is actually very much like Octy and DJ PON3's roles in the show. Dj PON3 gets more views, but not enough for fans and Octy gets just enough of a line to make her fans drool for more.

Some take sayings far too literal, but if she caries through her condition will be critical. - fetchbeer

03. Cobralash

There's only so much exercise you get in a mall, though bags get heavy enough to make you crawl. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

Yet again she breaks the 4th wall, though the reason she does not recall. - fetchbeer

05. nunitko

This must be the strongest butterfly, for the laws of physics it can defy. - fetchbeer

06. BrandyKiss
MLP-ATG-Alumni Week 195 Theme: A Pony exercising / Working out Rarity exercising with style~ Yes, that's a crossover of Hang Up by Madonna. I think it would suit her ^^ I wanted to make it look better, I really did. But then I just lost all my motivation, and... it is what it is. Sorry

One must look glamorous no matter what they do, otherwise you might as well be in a zoo. - fetchbeer

07. Dredaich

With saddle bags full of lead, I see back pains soon ahead. - fetchbeer

08. BrandyKiss

Too much exercising makes you sore and you end up laying on the floor. - fetchbeer

09. Vaser888

Exercise your brain as well as body, just try not to think to gaudy. - fetchbeer

10. HalflingPony
Punishing Pegasus Pullups (WIP)

11. A Brony Account

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