Sunday, 5 April 2015

Week 197 Wrap Up


*loud wheezing exhale* Gah, I've been holding my breath for way too long. I need some air... *long inhale*

Ahh, that's better. I had recommended in last week's ATG journal that we shouldn't literally hold our breaths all week, and I clearly should have taken my own advice. Now I feel all weak and exhausted from lack of oxygen.

But, you all didn't come here to hear about my issues. You came here to see artwork! Artwork celebrating the anticipation of a new season's beginning, more precisely. Well you can stop holding your breaths now, for these creations are finally on display! Thus, you no longer need to hold your breath in anticipation of this moment. Like I said a few weeks ago, don't forget to breathe!

Okay, seriously. You can all stop holding your breaths now. Thank you.

Gallery for Week 170

01. Paradoxical
2nd son fulfills the requirement, barely.

At a party there's always someone strange, though who that is is subject to change. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745
Get Hype!

New things can bring much hype, though one hopes they don't up as tripe. - fetchbeer

03. Greenfly1993
Draw my oc Greenfly holding his breath for season 5 of MLP as is so close now of coming out! I can hardly wait what about you

I'm surprised you haven't turned blue, though starting green that would be hard to do. - fetchbeer

04. LiiinaDesu

When the long winter break has passed, The wait will have been unsurpassed. - fetchbeer

05. DStone39

Only four days bringing such a smile, hopefully it lasts a while. - fetchbeer

06. DStone39

How much noise does she make, jingling bells as she does shake. - fetchbeer

07. Vaser888

So little time left to wait, and hopefully they won't be late. - fetchbeer

08. Dredaich

How long can this pony hold her breath, before it leads to unconsciousness or death? - fetchbeer

09. nunitko

A muffin makes a decent hat, at least if it is low in fat. - fetchbeer

10. RemnantViscera
Boop. I wont miss it every week. I promise.

Surprise hugs are always fun, and can never be outrun. - fetchbeer

11. A Brony Account

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