Sunday, 6 September 2015

Week 219 Wrap Up

See, I told you he couldn't do it. 'Do it in twelve parsecs' my flank! I think the dude's just pretending to be someone else anyways. Seriously, what kind of pony calls himself 'Ham Salad'? Does he even know what ham is made...

Err... gottacallyouback!

*coughs* Sorry about that. I should probably stop calling that guy on Sundays. But enough of that interruption. Come in, come in, everypony! Indeed, 'coming in' is the theme of the week. "What goes up must come down", and all that, and the spacefaring ponies that blasted off last week are now returning to Equestria. So feel free to join us here to watch the spectacle of their descent, but do be mindful of the landing area. Spacecraft aren't exactly known for slow descents, after all.

Gallery for Week 192

01. Speedy526745

Winning a decent place to stand, though it wasn't the grandest of the grand. - fetchbeer

02. pony-x

Riding a surfboard to the stars, far better than flying cars. - fetchbeer

03. Dredaich

Not even the atmosphere slows this pony down, for her speed she is renown. - fetchbeer

04. Jezendar
She's coming in for an impromptu landing.

Always watch for holes and rocks, otherwise you'll suffer scrapes and shocks. - fetchbeer

05. Vaser888

Riding a bomb is a bit dangerous, but is guaranteed to make you famous. - fetchbeer

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