Sunday, 17 January 2016

Week 238 Wrap up

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! Oh, I'm so late! Why, I have to be there in... *checks watch* ...Wait, I'm not late. I still have more than an hour to go. Plenty of time!

Well, it seems that I don't need to hurry after all. I can take it nice and slowly, and still get there on time. But not too slowly, mind you; there's 'slow and steady' and then there's 'being a snail'. And the latter will result in being late even if one had plenty of time.

So for that reason, I shall refrain from babbling any further and instead direct you to the ponies below. They all understand the value of taking things slowly, after all. Or at least, when time allows.

Gallery for Week 158

1. Speedy526745

Some times you want to go quite slow, or just to pretend to watch things grow. - fetchbeer

2. G-DO-29--Anagram
Yeah, have you ever took so long to go to the bathroom that your video card transformed into a potato?

Sometimes tech seems to downgrade itself, and only is suitable for a shelf. - fetchbeer

3. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Make your stalker row the boat, though his chance of more is quite remote. - fetchbeer

4. Scuri Levenstein

Is she here to steal the clocks, or just to hide it in a box. - fetchbeer

5. Vaser888

A nice flight to relax the mind, and help you to unwind. - fetchbeer

6. Philith
Sky Hammock! and let slip the dogs of war!

Maybe you shouldn't tie your hammock clouds, so as to not provide amusement to the crowds. - fetchbeer

18. HalflingPony
Taking His Time

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