Sunday, 13 March 2016

Week 246 Wrap Up

Egad! Quite! Stiff upper lip. I say! Err... Cheerio..? Wait, isn't that last one a cereal?

*clears throat*

Bah, who am I kidding; I'm no noblepony. I'm about as royal as a king crab, and nowhere near as fancy! Besides, I think all that was more 'Trottingham' than 'Royal' anyways. Though it is rather fancy, at least. I think...

At any rate, I'd better get on with it here. Somepony in a fancy blue box isn't gonna show up to help me if I run out of time, after all! So, this week is all about the fancy nobles of Canterlot and beyond! Ponies of noble birth and/or fancy garb have been immortalized in the paintings on display in our gallery, for ponies of all stations to enjoy! Jolly good show, everypony!

Gallery for Week 218

01. Speedy526745

Some don't see the appeal of frills, and would rather seek other thrills. - fetchbeer

02. Cobralash

Sometimes you must wear your finest clothes, just so with the princess you can pose. - fetchbeer

03. Vaser888

Sometimes you just want to strut your stuff, and with nice clothes you can't get enough. - fetchbeer

04. Redquoza

It feels good to look so dashing, and you know your impact will be smashing! - fetchbeer

05. HalflingPony

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