Sunday, 17 July 2016

Week 264 Wrap Up

Hello, everypony! Here's this week's Gallery! Enjoy!

Hmm. Yeah, this week's theme may be a speed-related one, but using just that for this entry is pushing things much too far. Besides, I'm not pressed for time at this point, so I can certainly write more than seven words.

But yeah, this week we've been feeling the need... the need for speed! And apparently that line is a reference to something. I'm not sure what it came from, but the Royal Pegasus Guards certainly like to use it. Especially the more maverick members. For that matter, I wouldn't be surprised if some members of the Wonderbolts favor this quote as well. Especially their new blue-coated member. Indeed, I've heard somepony describe her as "the fastest thing alive", which I'm pretty sure is also a quote from something. Something featuring a blue-coated protagonist for that matter, if I remember correctly.

But I digress. I may not be rushing to complete things this evening, but that doesn't mean I should continue babbling on. Drag this entry out for too long and it'll start feeling like we're moving at zombie speed here. So let's turn our attention properly to this week's gallery and the pictures contained within, and discover other examples of pony speed. And feel free to take your time perusing them as well. Speed may be this week's theme, but that doesn't mean you all need to rush about.

Gallery for Week 264

01. Speedy526745

Always finding a place to run, and boost pads can't be outdone! - fetchbeer

02. G-DO-29--Anagram
Based on a true story where my brother urged me to watch Death Note. What? I watch a lot of vids at double speed and on a triple monitor setup.

If you can keep up with the speed of text, you won't wait long to see what's next! - fetchbeer

03. BluestreakFUS

Pretending to be a small blue thing, so you too can jump off a spring. - fetchbeer

04. Vaser888

Hats are for being serious, though they also make you mysterious. - fetchbeer

05. HalflingPony
Gotta Go, Fast!

Sometimes you've really got to go, so of course you're not slow. - fetchbeer

06. Scuri Levenstein

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