Sunday, 8 October 2017

Week 328 Wrap Up

Hello, and welcome again to the Gallery. I had planned on setting up an obstacle course in the entryway, for our visitors to travers in order to reach the displays, but my co-managers nixed the idea. Apparently, they felt it was too much of a risk to our visitors, though I disagree with that myself. Seriously, it was just a little pit trap; the nurses would've fixed the fallen up right fast!

But I ingest... err, digress. I may or may not be hungry, but that's an obstacle I'll need to overcome with later. Right now, it's time to properly open the Gallery to you all! And don't worry, I did close off that pit trap just inside the entrance... I think. Being hungry makes it difficult to remember things.

Gallery for Week 328

01. Jezendar

Some days you just feel like doing lazy loops, that happen to go through flying hoops. - fetchbeer

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