Sunday, 11 March 2018

Week 350 Wrap Up

Double, double, toil and trouble.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Scale of dragon that once was hooved.
Voice of 'corn that hath others soothed.
Whisker of shifter of primal mien.
Hair of mare with aquatic sheen.
Scale of sea prince oft emersed.
Feather of maid who might be cursed.

Into this cauldron of water hot,
And brewed into tonics many have sought.
Chilled with tales that long hath stood.
Then this writ is firm and good.

Gallery for Week 350

01. AnimatorWil

Try to never look behind, especially when in a bind! - fetchbeer

02. Jezendar

It swims slowly in the silent deep, sometime you would think it would be asleep. -fetchbeer

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