Sunday, 29 April 2018

Week 357 Wrap Up

Decisions, decisions, decisions. One must make so many choices over the course of even a single day. Go left or right, get cake or pie, work or play, see a play or a movie, apple juice or orange juice, juice or soda, shaken or stirred... well, I'd recommend not choosing 'shaken' if you chose the soda.

But yes, decisions, decisions, decisions. Sometimes, the choice is easy; sometimes, not so much. Bit it looks like the time has come to open the Gallery this evening, so we've run out of time to debate our choices. Well, assuming you're all going to choose to check out the Gallery, at least. This is, of course, the choice I would go with, but I may be biased.

Gallery for Week 357

01. Jezendar

What kind of pony do you wish to be? Young and smooth or a wrinkled pea? - fetchbeer

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