Sunday, 5 August 2012

Week 58 Wrap Up

You know, I have to say, everypony, I was really expecting submissions to drop off even more than this, what with the NATG II going on.  A drawing every day can be pretty taxing, and don't worry, we totally understand if you're participating in that instead of the ATG for the next couple weeks.  After all, that event only goes on once a year; we'll still be here when it's done :)

That said, thank you SO MUCH to all of you who did get something in for our theme this week.  Your hard work is appreciated, both on this and the other side of the veil.  So, let's see what those spooks, spirits, and other magical entities are up to, shall we?  On with the gallery!


Poor Applejack has passed away, much to all her freinds' dismay. - fetchbeer

02. cassy1235

03. Jdan-S

This pony is naught but plot, this creation makes me quite distraught. - fetchbeer

04. MingoZK

06. DarkMage2

Twilight here looks quite content, even though her spells Dash did augment... - fetchbeer

07. hip-indeed

08. Runbow Dash

09. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Only Fluttershy could yell at a giant squid, and his eldritch mischief forbid. - fetchbeer

10. fiendaffliction

11. The Laughing Horror

I that cauldron she's thrown so many a thing, in hope that back her family it does bring. - fetchbeer

12. Prismica Italy

13. demented-Mr-Paulsen

A pony poses with a dagger, what horror from the darkness will soon stagger. - fetchbeer

14. Hazzdawg

15. Semicolon Dash

16. Hazzdawg

I'm sure that Lunar would not be so crass, and for your mistake he will not harass. - fetchbeer

17. Sowi

18. GoggleSparks

Of course Lyra likes this human head, but the poor thing looks filled with dread. - fetchbeer

19. Prismatic Pretzel

20. Pekusiili

21. Predelnik

22. MoonlightScribe

Three witches sit around these glowing sparks, trying to magic themselves some cutie marks. - fetchbeer

23. Philith

24. phallen1

Poor Trixie here looks quite distraught, over these things that her magic brought. - fetchbeer

25. fetchbeer

26. Muffinsforever

Watchers in the darkness... -Lunar

27. Delta Pangaea

At least she won't judge a book by it's cover, otherwise it's horrid contents she would not discover. - fetchbeer

28. Invidlord

29. Acceleron

No blargs!  It's been a long week, and I know it.  -Lunar

30. Franzeir

31. ZeldaTheSwordsman

32. AmbroseButtercrust

33. Wolferahm

34. RandomRainbeam

35. Reporter-Derpy

36. RaptorArts

37. dAEternal

38. SamuelEAllen

39. S3-NO

40. ashantiaja

41. Scutaloo

42. Natural-Melody

43. MangaMeister

44. Glaive-Silver

45. thedancingpikachu

46. MixedScales

47. Sovwi

48. Jezendar

49. Maddog10-20

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  1. Updated with all entries that hadn't used the uploader, because I thought it was a shame that like half of the stuff done for this week wasn't in here.