Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week 59 Wrap Up

Heya, everypony!  I'm glad you're here!  If you just want ponies, go on ahead and skip below the break!  If you're willing to listen to me ramble, read on!

So, there's something about the Olympics, I think, something that you don't get even with your average sporting event.  There's a level of competition that is unlike anything seen elsewhere.  Perhaps it's having the best athletes in the world come together that does it, but I think it's more than that.  There's also so much more at stake - not only are they trying to prove yourself and their teams as the best in the world, but the reputation of each nation is riding on their shoulders as well.  And having those kinds of stakes, well - even if you don't have a metaphorical horse in the medal race, just watching those involved give it their all can make those finals real hoof-biters.

And maybe... maybe there's just something about the Olympics that is more than just the competition.  Maybe there's something in seeing the very best in the world do what they do that awakens something  within each of us.  Seeing the best carrying that torch kindles a desire to ourselves become greater.

So, even if we're not in the Olympics, we should remember that lesson, at least - that seeing the best should not demoralize us, or make us feel lessened.  Instead, let it awaken that hunger within you, that desire to climb to the top of the heap, that drive to just be better.  Let it inspire you to the greatness that each of us has within, if only we try.

You've done yourselves proud, everypony.  Now, let's look over what you've done!


Sugar is on of Pinkies favorite drugs, by the gallon punch she chugs. - fetchbeer

02. Manuela

Certainly the most enthusiastic! -Lunar

03. ganonlink

Don't fret!  Everyone has an off-week, and we don't expect everyone to do one every time :) -Lunar

04. Legeden

These sisters would do an awesome opening show, though what the British were thinking I do not know. - fetchbeer

05. SamuelEAllen

Poor Derpy.  Will nothing ever go right for her? -Lunar

06. GoggleSparks

Dinky is the best at throwing things, she probably could throw it though the Olympic rings! - fetchbeer

07. Runbow Dash

08. Hazzdawg

Wat, indeed. -Lunar

09. hip-indeed

Screwballs pitching is unsurpassed, the balls she throws are all so fast! - fetchbeer

10. pebblenator

Always gotta make an entrance, that Princess. -Lunar

11. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

12. ganonlink

13. phallen1

Who would expect Applejack to be so deft, of grace we thought she was bereft. - fetchbeer

14. ZeldaTheSwordsman

It's alright!  Rough is still participating :) -Lunar

15. The Laughing Horror

This... looks incredibly fun. -Lunar

16. AmbroseButtercrust

Curling is an awesome sport, though throwing rocks is not my forte. - fetchbeer

17. Mortris

18. Prismatic Pretzel

At pole vaulting Lyra is quite adept, and over the highest bar she has leapt. - fetchbeer

19. JimTheCactus

20. BeautifulDreamChaser

21. octado

Fluttershy just loves lifting weights, those who cross her are in dire straits. - fetchbeer

22. Lunar Apologist

23. PsychedilicSkooma

24. thedancingpikachu

26. youngestbrony

27. catititax

28. Natural-Melody

29. Scutaloo

Dash just loves to punch and kick, I bet she could even break a brick! - fetchbeer

30. ashantiaja

31. demented-Mr-Paulsen

33. TheWormOuroboros

Twilight burns so very bright, today nopony will need a light! - fetchbeer

34. KatTayle

35. Invidlord

36. Delta-Pangaea

37. Otterlore

38. BrokenHero

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