Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week 97 Wrap Up

I bet I could write anything here and you'd never even notice.  You don't come here to read this.  You come here to look at the art.  So that's what I'm going to put below this pointless text.  Some art.  That you all drew.  Because that is what we do here.

We draw and we look at drawings.  And then we draw some more.  And then we look some more.  It's a cycle that we must all abide.

Gallery for Week 97

01. GoggleSparks

Some ponies should be more careful about where they rest, for they may wake quite distressed! - fetchbeer

02. TwinQuasars
No hypnotic suggestions here... nope...

03. K4nK4n
"Let's get dis party rollin'!"

Armor made from gems so dear, from no enemy they should fear. - fetchbeer

04. ganonlink

05. Cobralash

A roll so gooey and very warm, it is sugar in a tasty form. - fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. OtterMatt
Rolling dice counts, right? :D

Was it a crit or a miss? I hope her character didn't fall in an abyss. - fetchbeer

08. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

09. Schluberlubs

Dash does not look much amused, by this rolling her back has been abused. - fetchbeer

10. Suntenri

11. Schnee
Rather happy with how this turned out. It helps to not rush things in the last minute.

For a muffin she'll do anything, you should give her one to sing! - fetchbeer

12. hip-indeed

13. DAbestpony
If your mane catches fire, stop, drop, and roll! A message from the Equestria Fire Brigade.

If you find yourself on fire, you should roll if you wish not to expire. - fetchbeer

14. dorkas

15. phallen1
Roll initiative!

I must have missed the giant rolling dice, though i was busy cleaning up spilt ice! - fetchbeer

16. Invidlord

17. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Sometimes you just have to forget yourself and roll, and for a moment you can lose control. - fetchbeer

18. Philith

19. AmbroseButtercrust
Silly sweetie, you are not fish.

For sushi this pony makes me crave, and soon it's goodness will my hunger stave. - fetchbeer

20. Delta Pangaea

21. A Brony Account

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