Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 125 Wrap Up

Evenin', everypony!  Lunar Apologist here tonight, wrapping things up for this week!

I know, I've usually got the duty to take care of things over on deviantArt, but not tonight!  No, see, I have a special soft spot for crossovers, so tonight I wanted to do the wrap up instead.  And here I am!

See, crossovers are just great.  Because when they're good, they're like that mythical accident that combined peanut butter and chocolate, fusing two different things that are good on their own into something that's even better when they're together!  And even when the crossover isn't that great, it's fun to look at to see what the person doing the crossover thought was most important or coolest about the properties that they're blending together.  It's not always the things you might suspect!

And then... sometimes, you get that massive, near-mythical sprawl of multiple crossovers that occurs when someone decides that blending just two universes isn't enough!  They'll bring in elements of three, or four, or maybe even fifteen or twenty.  The great thing about these is that even when they're done poorly, it's like a spectacularly impressive car accident in a movie or something - it's all mayhem, but you can't stop watching.  And when it's done well?  When it's done well, it's like watching Voltron combining with Megazord, only to have both of them combine with the Chouginga Gurren Lagann and start chucking galaxies like shuriken.

Why?  Because AWESOME, that's why.  And that's what some of the best crossovers bring to the table.  All the awesomeness of multiple different universes, combined into one supremely-cool picture or story.

So, then.

Let's see what awesomeness you've combined and brought this week!

01. sixhorsepower

She seems to found a replacement Spike, did something he did cause dislike? - fetchbeer

02. TwinQuasars

03. ArkenBrony

So many monsters to dispatch, have these heroes met their match? - fetchbeer

04. Norque
Because sometimes you just need to flatten your hometown with a Giant Robot Car

05. Horned Sheep

This pony looks a tad tired, do they need something by which to be inspired? - fetchbeer

06. Scyphi
Don't forget the milk.

07. Cobralash
Twilight as Chowder (From the TV show Chowder)

What disaster did this pony cause? Or maybe something that would cause applause? - fetchbeer

08. Abyssal Emissary
Portals - even better when combined with a chaotic mind!

09. Jdan-S

These pant obsessed ponies make me worry, and to get out of here I will hurry. - fetchbeer

10. ScuriLevenstein

11. AbysmalAegis
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw finds a place of rest.

Sharing a bit of shade while you rest, and soon enough you can resume your quest. - fetchbeer

12. Mortris

13. MalWinters

This pegasus looks quite angelic, her shining halo an ancient relic. - fetchbeer

14. Dahngrest

15. HalflingPony
"My Little Hobbit" or "There Goes My Back Again: A Pony's Tale"

What whom you offer to give a ride, and about their weight don't be snide. - fetchbeer

16. stuhp
aka the Ikue ÅŒtani tribute :)

17. Silverwisp
Did the mask from memory. I guess it could have turned out worse...

These creepy eyes haunt my dreams, I hope I have not disturbed you with my screams. - fetchbeer

18. Schluberlubs

19. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback is appreciated!

This skeleton pony stalks the hills, seeking strange and forgotten thrills. - fetchbeer

20. Philith

21. A Brony Account
Not finished!

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