Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week 126 Wrap Up

Danger, danger!
High voltage!
When we touch!
When we kiss!

Heya, everypony!   It's time to throw the switch on this week's wrap up, and give it some juice!

Alright, alright, I promise to keep the power-puns to a minimum.  Nor will I talk about the fire in the disco, or the fire in the Taco Bell.  And also, despite assurances about puns, I make absolutely zero promises about making references.

Anyway, power!  I'm actually not sure where to go on this one; a dissertation of interpersonal power dynamics?  An essay on influence?  Discussing politics?  Ruminations on electrodynamic properties of matter?  Talking to you about small living spaces and SUPREME COSMIC POWER?

The problem with that is few of those subjects are particularly electrifying to talk about!  And that's to say nothing of powerlessness!  Yet a see a number of you decided to explore that side of it - that inability to change or do anything, stripped of choice.  Very heavy subject matter, and a difficult one to tackle.  But you did, and did it well, I think!

Not to say I didn't like your ponies wielding power, of the supreme executive type that's derived from a mandate from the masses or otherwise!  It's fun to see all your powerful ponies, showing off what they're made of!

And I should probably stop talking about it and just get on with letting you look at them, huh?  Well, then, let's get this thing powered up!

01. Blue Wolf

If you want to make a princess quite forlorn, simply place a ring upon her horn. - fetchbeer

02. Norque

A morning cup of coffee is a good way to power up for the day.
- Jezendar

03. Alpha Zeron

To be a chicken this pony is forever cursed, but will this spell ever be reversed? - fetchbeer

05. BluestreakFUS

Floating as your magic is slowly sapped, but how has this pony become trapped? - fetchbeer

07. Alpha Zeron

The Power of Love may be too strong for the current magic enviroment. We may need to nerf this. - Jezendar

08. stuhp
If the background comes up black in the blog, it's 'cause it's transparent. Sowwy~

What has this pony frightened so? Or is it better not to know? - fetchbeer

09. GoggleSparks

This particular power must leave her opponent feeling quite powerless. - Jezendar

10. ScuriLevenstein

Beware of Pinkie's special presents, for she saves those for fun events. - fetchbeer

11. Ryojo

12. AaronMk
"Related sort of or something to a CK2 mod project I'm in. All hail the Empress of the Changelings. Lord of Changelings dejure. Master of shapes and form. And pillows."

Do pillows sap her changeling power, or does she choose to rest in this soft tower? - fetchbeer

13. Philith
Attention duelists. My hair is being assaulted.

14. Scarlet Twinkle

To have banished your sister to the moon, requires many a trip to the saloon. - fetchbeer

15. ZeldaTheSwordsman
He's got a blaster rifle and really good training. That's power.

The Force may not be strong with this one, but the power of his energy weapon will make up for that! - Jezendar

16. HalflingPony
Daddy, Wake Up... please...

To lose a loved one is an awful thing, and only time will dull this wound's sting. - fetchbeer

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