Sunday, 29 June 2014

Week 157 Wrap Up

Alright, class, find your seats... no Pinkie, not that seat.  Today we shall learn all about the wonderful device known as a chair!  Oh, you've got a question, Pinkie?


Yes, Pinkie, I promise that it will be more fun than watching paint dry.  Sigh.

Chairs have been used throughout Equestria history to provide convenient seating for ponies of all shapes and sizes.  From the great throne of Princess Celestia, to the bell-covered recliner of Star-Swirled the Bearded, to the simple stools of the local watering hole, all ponies find comfort in the sturdiness of chairs.

And now, please turn your attention to these visual aids, not only for demonstrations of ponies sitting in chairs, but also of a few other ways that ponies can sit:

01. Molecular-Structure
Done in a flash of inspiration!

What does this pony wonder as he sits? Probably not whether ponies can do the splits. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

03. CelestialLilo

Well that's one way to make a bit or two, though she probably just uses glue. - fetchbeer

04. Sunnybrook1
My Ponysona foal-sitting my baby nephew (also ponified). Sorry it's so late! ^^;

05. AaronMk

So many pointy edges on this seat, she may prefer one of concrete. - fetchbeer

06. dredaich

07. HalflingPony
Foal Sitting

They'd surely get in less trouble as a chair, though those cushions have a nasty glare. - fetchbeer

08. Abyssal Emissary

09. Abyssal Emissary
Better? ^.^

Since when are words bound by gravity, does Twilight not have a limit to her magical depravity? - fetchbeer

10. Silverwisp

11. Goggle Sparks

Who was this pony supposed to meet? Hopefully they'll soon show up for their treat! - fetchbeer

12. Philith

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