Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 161 Wrap Up

They tell me that silence is golden, and honestly, I can see the value in that. I rather enjoy a quiet day, either all by myself with a nice cup of tea, or curled up with a love one... and... probably a nice cup of tea as well. I've never been one to seek out crowds and overly loud places. But the peace of the quiet night, that has always been my peaceful center.

And oh for those quiet moments where ponies can express themselves without speech. The expressions and movements made without speech can be all the more powerful. Words can lie, but it is far more difficult to make the body do so.

Of course, the silence doesn't hold peace alone... sometimes, there can be terror in the quiet darkness and the still of night... creatures out there... w-waiting... still... um... s-silent.

Y-you know what, nevermind... l-let's just um... look at the nice peaceful quiet art that was submitted this week... s-surely there's nothing out there... a-and to prove it... m-maybe I'll just go and um... hide under the covers... quietly... until whatever's not there goes away.  R-right...

01. Catseye-View

Singing to all your forest friends, always in the most hidden forest glens. - fetchbeer

02. Brab777

Sisters taking a peaceful doze, under a tree as it slowly grows. - fetchbeer

03. ArtemaSunset

This pony seems to be dark and broody, are the mean or just moody? - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

One wonders how she lost her mouth, did she give it to a pony flying south? - fetchbeer

05. WovenTales
Submitting this stage so I had something to show before the week was up. Color's coming eventually, and makes it look a lot better.

Looking in awe at hatching eggs, waiting for the chicks with their tiny legs. - fetchbeer

06. Schluberlubs

She scares me with that giant gun, and in fact I think I'll run. - fetchbeer

07. F00Fdramon

A scrunched face and flailing tell, this creature surely escaped from hell. - fetchbeer

08. A Brony Account

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