Sunday, 3 August 2014

Week 162 Wrap Up

We just got a letter.
We just got a letter.
We just got a letter.
I wonder who it's from?

Yes! Nothing better than getting some mail from a friend. A letter, a package, an organ of unspecified origin shipped in ice from a country you've never heard of. Getting mail can be a chore, junk mail abounds, and sometimes those letters are just ponies who say you owe them bits, so you have to send them a delivery of said bits. It'd be pretty nice if you could get a package with bits in it every month.  That'd be pretty great. Sadly, this is not yet the case.

Of course, the opposite is true too. Sometimes packages can be wonderful. Some special item flown from the Amarezon Rainforest by special order, flown in by Pegasus carriers. Or, perhaps it's a gift from a friend... someone who just wants to tell you that they were thinking of you.  That you matter.  Special deliveries indeed.

Sometimes, deliveries can cause fire hazards in the main vendor hall! Or... well, that's another story entirely. But let's just say that sometimes the letters... well... they'll get to their destination alright. Maybe just not in the condition in which they were set.  My bad.  I just don't know what went wrong!

01. ScuriLevenstein

Where is this place to which packages are brought? Is it somewhere that giants fought? - fetchbeer

02. hip-indeed

This kind filly has brought me a note, though this means I need a a better moat. - fetchbeer

03. LiiinaDesu

I did not think ponies worked this way, It seems just a tad too cliche. - fetchbeer

04. Silverwisp

"Neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit can stay these mesengers abot their duty." Ankh-Morpork Post Office

05. AkiroAlpha

This pony has such a love of mail, and she's deliver it without fail! - fetchbeer

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