Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week 173 Wrap Up

I can't stand it. I just can't stand it! So says a young man whose life is often out of balance. And balance is something that everypony, and indeed everyone, needs in their lives. A balance between work and leisure, between friends and family, between dreams and responsibilities. Those who find balance tend to lead more rewarding lives than those who do not. Or at least, that's what the spiritual gurus like to say. Then again, maybe all they really need a balanced breakfast. That's pretty important too.

Of course, balance is even more important for some than it is for others. For example, one would truly need to find balance if one does ballet for a living... or tightrope walking. And one must also find balance between words and pictures, and for that reason, I shall now direct you to the well-balanced artwork below:

Gallery for Week 146

01. Cobralash

Prancing around in the pouring rain, feeling joy you can't contain! - fetchbeer

02. dredaich

That cutie mark seems out of place, shouldn't it point up to space? - fetchbeer

03. ScuriLevenstein

Stand up doesn't have to be very funny, it just has to make some money! - fetchbeer

04. HalflingPony

Bears balance pretty well on balls, at least after a couple falls. - fetchbeer

05. ForwardBias
Twilight sighed as she struggled to maintain her balance on the wavering mountain of books. The book immediately beneath her, a book entitled Maintaining a Good Work Life Balance, by Sunny Skies had been on her reading list for sometime. The irony of it's utility in having prevented this situation in the first place, as well as the delicate coordination it was currently taking to keep her hooves on it, was not lost to her.

Books are no substitute for a good ladder, especially with a full bladder. - fetchbeer

06. Philith

Playing polo with your faithful steed, though he is of an unknown breed. - fetchbeer

07. A Brony Account

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