Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 174 Wrap Up

What if we win?
What if we fall?
Does any choice we make,
matter at all?

Falling fast, falling hard, falling from a great height, falling from grace. The word can carry just as much gravity by itself as the gravity pulling you down, down, ever deeper into the abyss. For some, the darkness is inescapable, the gravity too strong. But for others, for many, a light can guide the way up.

Ahhh, and of course, the greatest fall of them all.  Falling... in love. Mmm. Falling deeply into the eyes of your soul mate, a journey you may wish would never end. It's uncontrollably, it's risky, you may get hurt... but the experience as you tumble end over end is as exhilirating as it is terrifying.

But perhaps in the end, one needs only to stand up and try again. A fall is nothing but an opportunity to learn. Stand tall on all four legs and try again! Every bruise, every bump is nothing more than a lesson of life. Take what you've learned, apply it! As in life, just as in art, every mistake is a step forward, you cannot learn to walk with first falling.

Gallery for Week 147

02. ScuriLevenstein

For those cavities that are truly scary, a call for backup may be necessary. - Jezendar

03. dredaich

A dark artefact's power can be tempting to us all, and even the smartest of mares can fall. - Jezendar

04. Catseye-View

Her flying dreams are truly grand, but I hope there's a cloud upon which she can land. - Jezendar

05. Silverwisp

The dark force of music upon which she has drawn, will allow her to beat each Imperium pawn. - Jezendar

06. Jim The Cactus (Forward Bias)
Do a theme? HA! Let's do it seven times! (I'm doing Inktober anyway so it's not as impressive as it seems.)

Picture cards for definitions make class much less of a bore, and thus reduce the chance of students starting to snore. - Jezendar

07. HalflingPony
Fallen Angel

He's shown us what he truly is, through this dark deal of his. - Jezendar

08. hip-indeed

09. GeminiShadows

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