Sunday, 23 November 2014

Week 178 Wrap Up

Oh... sure... um... ask the Pegasus to write up the info on the subject of keeping your hooves on the ground.  I mean um... I guess it's good to walk about on the ground from time to time, right? I'm sure there's a few reasons...

I mean... walking on the ground IS the best way to see the beautiful snow up close this time of year... I know not everypony likes the snow, but I do. And I've learned in the past that seeing things from the ground can give you a whole new perspective... you know, even for ponies on the ground. Have you ever taken a moment to just look where you are?

Keeping on the ground can also mean staying sane, keeping things together, and moving ahead in full confidence of yourself. Strength. Stability. Endurance. Keeping yourself grounded is a key to setting reasonable goals, and to taking the steps necessary to complete them. It's a successful pony who can stay grounded and keep the task at hoof in mind.

So, with a steady hoof, and a solid foundation, we shall forge ahead!  Now then, let's see what everypony is doing this week now that we've got all four hooves planted firmly, and safely, on the ground:

Gallery for Week 151

01. Speedy526745

It takes some time for plants to grow, but eventually your work will show. - fetchbeer

02. Sunnybrook1
A pegasus youth - weary, orphaned, and alone - trudges away from what was once his home, now looted and razed to the ground by bandits. Burdened by his loss he has completely forgotten about the wings on his back, and his hooves guide him towards an uncertain future...

I hope this poor pony recovers soon, otherwise he may just swoon. - fetchbeer

03. dredaich

This pony's hooves don't leave the ground, but they still manage to fly around! - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

You'll never keep Dash down here long, for in the clouds she does belong. - fetchbeer

05. A Brony Account

This is indeed quite a feat, leaving hoof prints down the entire street. - fetchbeer

06. Bulbamario

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