Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 175 Wrap Up

Darkness creeps across the land,
The midnight hour close at hand.
Ponies walk about the town,
Seeking sweets to guzzle down.
They move along from house to house,
Finding sights that raise hairs,
And also the candy they crave on,
This evening full of Nightmares!
(Paraphrased from Michael Jackson's Thriller.)

It is the time for monsters and witches, for demons and dragons. A time when werewolves howl at the moon even as witches fly across it. A time when ghosts and ghouls go on the prowl, and reapers answer the doorbell.
And it's also a time for candy, of course! Chocolate, and gumdrops, and lollipops, oh my!
Nightmare Night is a beloved holiday for many foals, and for those of all ages that hold a bit of darkness in their hearts. Like the ponies seen here:

Gallery for Week 148

01. Speedy526745

A green lizard and a plumber, as they celebrate the end of summer. - fetchbeer

02. Scyphi

A pop up ad that's quite a surprise, usually those things are naught but lies. - fetchbeer

03. Catseye-View

A bit of blood brings out the color of your eyes, though you may soon need a new disguise. - fetchbeer

04. HalflingPony
"I've Ch-Changed My Mind!"
Method actors can go too far, and to others may seem bizarre. - fetchbeer

05. Cobralash

Going as your favorite ruler, though you should have gone first to your jeweler. - fetchbeer

06. A Brony Account

Some ponies always worry about their friends, though I doubt she'll need to make amends. - fetchbeer

07. ScuriLevenstein

Having wings does not grant flight, and you may plummet out of sight. - fetchbeer

08. dredaich

Tying on a horn and wings, can make you look like many things. - fetchbeer

09. Silverwisp

Sometimes the bathtub needs a walk, though when it returns it'll need some caulk. - fetchbeer

10. hip-indeed

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