Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week 202 Wrap Up

Yee haw, everypony! We've got a plum good show to put on today, I reckon! Better 'n a squaredance during a showdown at high noon! So, umm... draw pardner! Uhh... There's a snake in my boot?


To be honest, westerns aren't really my thing, so I think I'll stop with the bad clich├ęs. I don't wanna risk driving away any actual western fans here; it's hard to put on a performance without an audience, after all! And speaking of performances, western-style rodeos aren't the only events going on tonight. We've got all kinds of entertainment for all kinds of ponies! Just take a look for yourself:

Gallery for Week 175

01. Speedy526745

Some friends are meant to be tied, though other things may be implied. - fetchbeer

02. cobralash

Flying dolphins are quite a thing, though it would be easier with a wing. - fetchbeer

03. ScuriLevenstein

What does she hide in the rodeo barrel? Is it just more clown apparel? - fetchbeer

04. Paradoxical
Work in Progress; draft

A nose and eyes seem quite confused, though that nose may be slightly bruised. - fetchbeer

05. Vaser888

Always show off before the crowd, it's sure to make them nice and loud. - fetchbeer

06. A Brony Account

You aren't supposed to rope your tail, it causes a bit off a travail. - fetchbeer

07. Jezendar

Always find a reason to jump and sing, especially for the joy it may bring. - fetchbeer

08. HalflingPony
Two Wrongs Make a... Rodeo? [S5 Spoilers in Description]

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