Sunday, 31 May 2015

Week 205 Wrap Up

*grumble* Yeah, whaddaya want? Huh? A bear claw? WE'RE ALL OUTTA BEAR CLAWS! Oh wait, a blog post, you say? Oh great, that's due again...

Alright, fine, fine! I'll do it already! Sheesh. Now let's see, what's the theme again... Griffons? Those cat-bird things? Why would anypony want to draw one of those? Always diggin' in my garden, or peckin' at my tree... or both. And those tails! Look like danged fool rattlesnakes, or somethin'. And they won't do a danged thing unless you give them a bit. In advance! Yeah, I'd like to give them a 'bit' alright... *grumble grumble*

Wait, what did you just say? Whaddaya mean 'Do I live in a trash can'!? Of course I don't live in a trash can, ya foalish colt! Seriously, do I look green and bipedal to you?

Now get offa my lawn! Go look at some art or somethin', and leave me alone!
Foals these days...

Gallery for Week 178

01. GeminiShadows

What has this creature in such a slump? Other than always being a grump? - fetchbeer

02. Paradoxical
Crossover time.

You can't even hide inside a can, at least the stalker is a fan. - fetchbeer

03. Speedy526745

These claws are made for action, though someone may wind up in traction. - fetchbeer

04. Cobralash

I see that a change seems to be in order, or maybe feathers they just adore. - fetchbeer

05. ScuriLevenstein

He seems to have stolen all the baking powder, at least he didn't swipe the flower. - fetchbeer

06. GoggleSparks

At least with claws you can hold a sword, though violence is to be abhorred. - fetchbeer

07. Dredaich

Those feathers make him look a tad surprised, though combing may not be advised. - fetchbeer

08. Vaser888

Got any change for the poor gryphon? Or is this just some kind of con. - fetcbeer

09. Jezendar

A contest over a tiny jewel, seems just a little cruel. - fetchbeer

10. A Brony Account

What kind of pie does she stalk? I appears to be made of mud and chalk. - fetchbeer

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