Sunday, 7 June 2015

Week 206 Wrap Up

It's a dangerous world out there, for a pony. Fire-breathing Dragons lairing in the mountains, multi-headed Hydras burbling in the marshes, colossal Ursas wandering through the forests... and there's not always a super-powerful hero (or a team of six) around to take care of the problem! Sometimes, ponies just needs to take matters into their own hooves! With proper organization, a team of ponies can take down even the deadliest of monsters threatening their domiciles. Those with the greatest combat training, whether with weapons or magic, will bring the hurt to the monster, while the toughest do their best to keep the monster focused on them, and not on those more susceptible to harm. Meanwhile, those ponies with the most medical expertise will tend to the wounded, their advanced healing skills often capable of mending even the worst of injuries. With everything planned and organized, the team heads forth to raid the lair of their target, ready to take down the threat once and for all!

Of course, raiders aren't always on the noble side of things. Indeed, the word 'raider' is typically used to describe those who attack the towns of settled ponies, rather than those who defend them. Post-apocalyptic universes in particular tend to be crawling with these kinds of raiders, and the towns in such settings will frequently have guarded walls surrounding them to keep all but the most determined raiders out.

But no matter what type of raider is involved, violence is sure to follow. They're not exactly the most peaceful of ponies, after all. So make sure that your defense is set, or your offense as the case may be, and prepare to handle the horde of raiders waiting just beyond the break:

Gallery for Week 179

01. Greenfly1993
I will find anything just name it!

It's worth a little bit of mud, to satisfy that hunger in your blood. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745

In R'lyeh the ancients sleep, while their children paint the deep. - fetchbeer

03. BluestreakFUS

Large thing lurk within the dark, and they may not like a spark. - fetchbeer

04. Dredaich

Sword wings and a mace tail, who wants to make themselves a flail? - fetchbeer

05. Scyphi

Truly a sword with a history, though how it got so big is a mystery. - fetchbeer


Giant crabs coming to steal your treasure, while you just wanted some time for leisure. - fetchbeer

07. JagtigerSA
This team is impeccable! "The Leader" Main damage magnet, ahem, tank in entire team, only who knows what to do, but no one listens to her. "The Scout" The archer, whose capabilities able to aggro entire region. He forgets his equipment often and waits on enemy drops. "The Hot Sorceress" The nuker, the healer, the charmer, and just a total beauty! Only the reason team is alive. Just don't get on her bad side, okay?

Fireballs are all you need, after fire you will succeed. - fetchbeer

08. A Brony Account

Surely fantasy is not enough, though one way love is quite rough. - fetchbeer

09. Vaser888

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