Sunday, 4 October 2015

Week 223 Wrap Up

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse! Or a pony. Or something...

I think this play may still need a bit of editing. I've been told it was written by... some famous guy whose name I can't recall. My brain is like that. But still, half the writing here looks like Princess Luna-speak. I just hope it's not spoken at Princess Luna volume; my eardrums would not be happy about that, and I doubt the audience's eardrums would be either. So yeah, I think this play needs work.

But then again, I'm just a stagehoof here. It's not my job to review the script, it's my job to make sure all the technical work is handled properly. Somepony's gotta set up the scenery, maintain the props, handle the lighting, raise and lower the curtain, and so on and so on. And that pony is me! And the rest of the stage crew of course; I can't do all of that myself! We'd end up looking like a poorly run grade school performance. And something billed as a Great Tragedy shouldn't be in the running for Best Comedy Act, if you get what I mean.

At any rate, I need to get back to work. But if you would like to see what the stage crew does, feel free to take a peek behind the curtain below:

Gallery for Week 196

01. Speedy526745

Someone has got to run the light, or the play would be dark as night. - fetchbeer

02. Hotep-Forgefer

All her friends are socks on hooves, but she doesn't notice their odd moves. - fetchbeer

03. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

All is not always as it seems, especially if your behind the scenes. - fetchbeer

04. pony-x

This pony is the only one who doesn't like an encore, though if he refuses them he'd be shown the door. - fetchbeer

05. Scuri Levenstein

I'm not sure gummy could lift that pony, he seems to think this scene is baloney. - fetchbeer

06. Vaser888
here is my sucky drawing

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