Sunday, 11 October 2015

Week 224 Wrap Up

We're not gonna take it!
No, we ain't gonna take it!
We're not gonna take it

Wait, what was that? ...'visit sister'? Oh, I thought you said 'Twisted Sister'. Oopsie...

At any rate, this week's theme is... what was that? You want to our sister right now? But the gallery is opening tonight! We need to make sure everything all set and.... oh alright, fine. I really don't think this is a good idea, but I never win an argument with you anyways. Seriously, I'm amazed you don't have a Sad Puppydog Eyes cutie mark.

The things I do for family...

Gallery for Week 197

01. Speedy526745

Sometimes you just want to pose, and done right it just glows. - fetchbeer

02. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

A pair of ponies with awesome moves, so very smooth on their hooves. - fetchbeer

03. pony-x

A card to show your love and care, or even just to say your there. - fetchbeer

04. HalflingPony
Four Words You Never Want to Hear Your Stylist Say

One clumsy snip and all is lost, it may be fixed, but at what cost? - fetchbeer

05. AaronMk
There is a love so strong it can beat evil spirits. Although, it may really just twist its desire.

If one can't decide to kill or cuddle, it just leaves you in a muddle. - fetchbeer

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