Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week 228 Wrap Up

Spooky scary skeletons come creeping... err, crawling...? Uhh...

How did that song go again?

Ah well, that was last week's theme anyways. This week's theme was about rocks! Igneous, metamorphic, sedim... wait, this week's theme isn't A Pony With Rocks? But rocks are all that my new friends talk about. Rocks and rock farms and rock candy and rock soup... and crystals, for the occasional change of pace. Meeting new ponies can be a lot of fun, but sometimes they'll talk your ears off about their passions. But then, old friends sometimes do that too.

But if this week's theme isn't A Pony With Rocks, then what is the theme? Perhaps taking a look through the gallery below, and talking to the ponies doing the same, will shed some light on this. And who knows, perhaps you'll make a new friend among all the new ponies you will meet within.

Gallery for Week 201

01. Speedy526745

A new friend is always sweet, and now to bond with a nice treat. - fetchbeer

02. G-DO-29--Anagram
Not so much the process of meeting new friends, but a little after when you get to know them better. Worst show-and-tell session ever.

Toilets are often overlooked, as bathrooms are always overbooked. - fetchbeer

03. Lemon-Bitter-Twist
A good time to find a new friend is when your life is flashing before your eyes, especially if they can save you.

Some ponies should always watch their step, unless a sudden drop gives them pep. - fetchbeer

04. Scuri Levenstein

Best friends because of a love of rocks, at least they don't just love socks. - fetchbeer

05. Vaser888

A bird makes a good companion, and one not hindered by a canyon. - fetchbeer

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