Sunday, 6 December 2015

Week 232 Wrap Up

So, we've got this new AI here to help us run things. She's called, uhh, what was it... HaPPYDOS, or something like that. Anyway, she's opened up this portal to an alternate universe here, and wants me to go check it out. And she's promised that it's not full of 'hoomans', whatever those are. At any rate, here I go!

Time passes...

*stumbles back out of the portal with his hooves covering his eyes* Oh, oh dear Celestia! That was awful! Truly horrific! The colors, the eye-piercing colors! They're so vibrantly pastel that they bore right into your eyes! And the singing! Choral voices that seem to be everywhere, assailing your ears from all directions! I think the singing was coming from the flowers themselves, but the blinding colors made it impossible to tell for sure.

I'd better go visit the clinic and make sure there's no permanent damage to my senses, but in the meantime you can feel free to take a look at these pictures showing alternate universes that others have visited. Pictures are much safer than actually visiting such universes in person, after all. I shall hopefully be back shortly.

But seriously, who would have thought that the Universe of Ultimate Goodness and Light would be so dangerous?

Gallery for Week 205

01. Speedy526745

Some ponies show little change, no matter the universe exchange. - fetchbeer

02. G-DO-29--Anagram
I had originally planned for four parallel timelines, but computer breakdowns again plague me, so this is two of the planned four parallel timelines: the revised original of [ATG 226 - Secret] where Nova's sister is dead and an alternate where Flora's brother is dead. Preemptively posting early in case my main computer catches fire. (Not really.) WARNING: EXTREMELY HUGE IMAGE

Some events are just too close, though neither case is less morose. - fetchbeer

03. pony-x
"my transceiver is fine, i'm just a little hoarse"

There's somewhere everyone fits in, though every organization has spies within. - fetchbeer

04. Chronitsch Chron1
Twilight concluded her assignments in the other world, on her way back she seems to have been distracted and said a wrong word. The portal that opened was to equestria but a different one, at least she hopes.., Will she step through saving this equestria or will she steo back and try again

Worlds where the dead still walk, enough to make the bravest balk. - fetchbeer

05. Scuri Levenstein

Some shy ones could be brave, and those thought strong enslave. - fetchbeer

06. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

A guild that each world they find improves, though this time they find themselves with hooves. - fetchbeer

07. Vaser888
Beware, the ponies from this universe are so cute that they are deadly.

This cute thing may cause heart attacks, which is how they catch their snacks. - fetchbeer

08. Hotep Forgefer

This donkey seems to need a pasture green, for too much life he seems to have seen. - fetchbeer

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