Sunday, 20 December 2015

Week 234 Wrap Up

Ah, good. You're all here. We've got a heist to plan and the sooner we get started, the sooner we get paid! Now, we'll need to be really sneaky to pull this off. The gallery has a number of highly competent guards, all of whom will be more than happy to set off the alarm if we so much as exhale too loudly. So make sure you're as quiet as a mouse and as unobtrusive as a shadow. Now, the paintings we're after are marked with... what's that? Just visiting the Gallery, you say? So wait...

You're not the Payday Herd?

Umm... Yes, this concludes this performance of my, umm... avant garde performance art, uhh, thingy. Yes. I'm totally not planning a real heist here, that would be silly. So feel free to peruse the art here... in the Gallery... that is totally not going to be stolen. Yes, umm...

So I'm just quietly going to leave now. Toodles.

Gallery for Week 207

01. Speedy526745

You'd think their size would make it hard to hide, though the tiny people may be horrified. - fetchbeer

02. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Are your swords so quick, that you can give him more than a nick? - fetchbeer

03. Scuri Levenstein

With those stripes so very loud, you can't hear even without a crowd. - fetchbeef

04. Vaser888

Sometimes it's too hard to hide, but is standing in the open still untried? - fetchbeer

05. G-DO-29--Anagram
I was a bit out of ideas and I was a bit busy. The only thing I could think of was blowing up each other with unlucky Lucky Blocks.

From where do these question blocks appear? Their presence just seems rather queer. - fetchbeer

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