Sunday, 7 February 2016

Week 241 Wrap Up

And it is time to bring this art showcase to a close. Thank you all for visiting the Gallery this week. I hope you all enjoyed the display. Please come again next week!

What was that? You say the show is supposed to be just starting right now? But that can't be, it says right here on my schedule that... oh. My schedule is upside down.

Wait... does that joke even work? Ah, whatever; it's my joke and I'm sticking to it! I'm strong like my spinach, when I start at the finish! Or something like that.

At any rate, here's this week's gallery. Feel free to skip down to the end, then scroll up.

Gallery for Week 213

01. Speedy526745

Who wants to use a bed to sleep, much better uses it can reap. - fetchbeer

02. G-DO-29--Anagram
?nialpxe I deeN

The wrong glasses turns things to fog, and you might as well be a talking log. - fetchbeer

03. Redquoza

Why not put the cart before the horse, it only need follow for the course. - fetchbeer

04. Scuri Levenstein

Hanging others by a cunning trap, while expecting the crowd to clap. - fetchbeer

05. vaser888

With the right kind of patterned pillow, you could be an armadillo. - fetchbeer

06. Philith
I am especially happy the way the eyes came out this time.

This creature seems to have found a new pet to cuddle, though it's cuteness may turn it to a puddle. - fetchbeer

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