Sunday, 28 February 2016

Week 244 Wrap Up


I am not feeling well tonight. I'm not sure if I'm coming down with something, or if it was just something I ate, but I really feel out of it. Well, maybe I just have a case of the blahs. Well, the show must go on, as they say!

Err... or maybe not? It looks like everypony in here has come down with something. Is there a bad case of the Pony Pox going around? I've heard that the Feather Flu has resurged recently, but that just infects pegasi, right?

Well, whatever the case may be, it's time to pull out the blankets and start cooking some soup, for we've got some sick ponies to take care of tonight! ... ugh, possibly myself included...

Gallery for Week 216

01. Speedy526745

Being ill is a huge concern, and you hope not to take a much worse turn. - fetchbeer

02. HalflingPony
Featherbrain Flu

Some seem to catch every errant flu, maybe their immune system is easy to subdue. - fetchbeer

03. G-DO=29--Anagram
Based on a true story.

The bus plague loses to the sickness of the heart, because you always put the horse before the cart. - fetchbeer

04. Redquoza

Beware this doctor's tiny paws, for they hide his sharp and tiny claws. - fetchbeer

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