Sunday, 1 May 2016

Week 253 Wrap Up

Hey, everypony! I've got some good news! I've been working on my comedy act! ...Wait, where's everypony going?

Okay, okay, fine. No more jokes. Jeez, tough crowd. Well, no jokes from me, at least. After all, comedy is the theme for this week. So get ready for a lot more jokes this evening! We've got a full slate of comedians ready to regale you with rib-ticklers of all sorts. And if they're bad ones, then just remember that I'm not the one on stage. So don't throw your tomatoes at me.

Oh, and just to reassure you all, we made sure that Discord never found out about this event, so there won't be any eldritch 'friends' around tonight. But we've got every mental health professional in this half of Equestria on hoof, just to be on the safe side.

Gallery for Week 225

01. Speedy526745

Sometimes you just want to relax read, absorbing man a heroic deed. - fetchbeer

02. Errick
I just hope it's recognizable.

Playing your music with great pride, you may not noticed that you've been tied. - fetchbeer

03. Redquoza

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